Youth For Tomorrow’s Country Fair

We had such a great time at Joe Gibb’s Youth for Tomorrow Country Fair and Auction.  Tickets were $10/adult, $5/kid, and ages 3 and under were free.  There was a $5 off coupon on their website, and several people mentioned they got their tickets from an online deal site (not sure if it was living social or groupon). I’d never been before, although I see their folding board signs all over the county every year. This is a very, very well done production.  Some of the fun included:

  • Bounce Houses/Inflatable Obstacle Courses (more than I cared to count, probably upwards of a dozen)
  • Junior Firefighter Challenge
  • Redskins Players Play60 Challenge
  • Washington Nationals NatMobile
  • Hog Races
  • Petting Zoo
  • Rides
  • Crafts
  • Vendor Fair
  • Huge Food Court (additional fee)
  • Horse Carriages and Mini Train Rides
  • Entertainment on various stages including cheerleading, gymnastics, and dance
There was probably more.  Honestly, we spent from 11-3 at the fair and probably could’ve stayed longer and still not seen and done everything.  The lines were manageable for all the rides, except perhaps laser tag, which got a little out of hand because of some “spot saving” for a “family” of 20 or so, but other than that the wait was generally okay.  
I would definitely recommend checking this out in the future! Not only was a it a great time, it’s for a charity, and that’s a great combination.