When you grow up….

I think as moms we all spend time wondering what our children are going to be when they grow up.  When my oldest was 15 months old (and already talking way more than was fair)- the best days of his life were Tuesday and Friday because that was when the trash truck came.  “Twash!! Momma!! Momma! Da twash twuck is hewe!! Can we go see da twash twuck? I gonna wide da twash twuck one day!”

Fantastic.  My progeny will be a master of waste management.

I don’t consider myself a tiger mother, but I have my moments.  When my second child became old enough to express interest in a profession, he adamantly proclaimed he was going to be a chef.

“That’s great sweetheart, but you have to go to college, too”, was my answer through bites of the surprisingly decent cookie he’d just created.

I try to remind myself that just because they want to do it when they’re 4 doesn’t mean they’ll want to do it forever.  In my elementary school yearbook, I declared in 5th Grade that I wanted to be a children’s psychologist.  In middle school I was going to be a professional figure skater/college professor.  In high school I was going to work in International Relations for the UN.  In college my major changed from Government to IR to French to Russian to Philosophy to Comparative Religion.  I get that we all grow and change.

But, at the same time, when my daughter did this to my face the other day:

I couldn’t help but think that she’ll be doing makeup on Dupont Circle when she grows up.

Just a thought.  (Oh- bonus! She did the hair, too!)

What does your little person show a propensity for? What do they claim to want to be? Do you try to steer them towards a family college or certain profession?