Welcome to Moe’s!

 We had the opportunity to go check out the Moe’s Southwest Grill new Gainesville location (8148 Stonewall Shoppes Square #101, which you may also refer to as “The one with the Wegmans in it”)

What our family loves about Moe’s is that it’s fast, but fresh, and you can make healthier choices than at a typical “fast food” place.  You can also get chips and queso- but you can make healthier choices, too (PS- if you’re going to get queso- click here and get it free!). 

 Their kids meals are fantastic (and big!) and both my boys were more than satisfied when they’d finished their dinners.  My oldest son swims 5 mornings a week, and that has led to some “I’m hangry” moments.  No, I didn’t misspell that.  Yes, I meant hangry.  That’s a combination of hungry, and cranky and angry.  It’s a thing, people- Urban Dictionary it.

This is my dinner- it was delicious! I got a salad, I want to say it was a Personal Trainer, with no shell and lots of jalapeƱos- both fresh and pickled, so yum. I loved it.  The best part about all this tasty dinner? The kids eat FREE on Tuesday nights with adult purchase! Bonus!

Moe’s Southwest Grill also does catering (Which they DELIVER! Love it! Teacher appreciation day is right around Cinco de Mayo and a taco bar would be so much fun PTA people!) and they do fundraisers, too!! Give them a try and/or a call for your next dinner or event!