Week in Preview: September 9th-September 15th, 2013

Guys, it is for real 1:36am.

Why, Kristina, why on earth are you up so late?

Because I procrastinated on my lesson planning, and homeschooling is not for people with any normal sense of self-preservation.  That’s why.

So, on with the show, and if I spell anything wrong or make grammatical errors and anyone points them out, I will shame you somehow on twitter.

Okay, not really.  That would be really mean, and I wouldn’t do that to you. Just cut me some slack anyway 🙂

Register ahead for:
**Immanuel’s Anglican Church’s MOPS starts up this Wednesday.  You can show up or contact Robyn for more information.
**Thursday there’s a Mommy Meetup at Leesylvania about Butterfly Gardening. Spend the morning relaxing next to the park’s butterfly garden.  We’ll look at different plants that you can use to attract butterflies to your own yard and share organic gardening tips. RSVP to Genevieve.White@dcr.virginia.gov or 703-583-6904. 
**On the 13th or the 28th, you and your child (10+) can take a “Sunset Paddle” Register with PWC Parks and Rec using Activity Code 309100 $20/person, 1-2 hour trip. Children under 16 must register with an adult partner. 
**Several Kids Club events this weekend at Michaels- RSVP online to save your spot, or call the store. 
**Lowes Build and Grow requires you to register in advance, too. 

Monday, September 9
Library programs are starting back up after that confusing post-Summer Quest pre-school hiatus they took that confused everyone, and especially me.  Yay for the library!  Lunch Bunch at Chinn is at 12, and it’s a fun one if you’ve never tried library programs before.  Basically, you bring your own lunch and the librarian reads stories.  The kids are all fairly quiet and entertained because their mouths are full of crackers, and you can check 15 minutes of reading outloud off your list for the day.

There’s a Zumba Class for moms at All That Jazz in Montclair at 7pm.  It’s free.  Whoot.

Tuesday, September 10
In addition to free storytimes at Independent Hill, Chinn, and , SBDCRC (Which I still call “Dale City Rec” because why did they make the name so long?) has Kiddie Time starting this week.  Monday-Thrusday are ages 5 and under and Fridays are ages 3 and under.  They meet following the PWCS school schedule, so they’re closed for school holidays and Teacher Workdays as well as for any wintery weather.  $3/child, parents are free.

Wednesday, September 11
It’s Patriot Day/Remembrance Day.  If you’re looking for something reflective, check out the unveiling ceremony of the 9/11 Memorial which is being added to the existing memorial at the County Complex. The actual ceremony is at 7pm, but you can go to the memorial during the day, as well, I’m just not sure the new portion will be visible.

On a lighter note, the Stonebridge Music Series was extended and Mr. Knick Knack will play at 10am in a free children’s entertainment series.

Thursday, September 12
My pick for today is family craft night at Chinn Library.  They’re making sunflower mobiles, which sounds cute to me.

Friday, September 13
There’s Splash-N-Tot at both Chinn Rec and SBDCRC today, which is a fun and inexpensive way to get your baby in the water.  $4/child covers the child and up to two accompanying adults.

There’s a glow party for teens at MyBodyMovez in Woodbridge.  It’s $10/teen.  Someone on Facebook said that these are really fun.  I’d look back for who it was, but it’s now 2:06 am.

Saturday, September 14
At 9am, enjoy gardening for you and your child at the Benedictine Monastary, brought to you by the PWC Master Gardeners Saturday in the Garden
DescriptionMaster Gardener Plant Sale! Go Native! Beauty & Benefits of Native Plants & Pocket Meadow: A Lawn Alternative. Children’s Program: Plant Your Pockets! Native flower gardening for kids.

There are several fun fall activities, including a FREE Fall Fest at Stonebridge, Free events at the Weems Botts Museum, and Hartwood Days in Stafford and Apple Fest at Great Country Farms.  Go do something fun.  Seriously.  I don’t just write these things down on the calendar for my benefit- use them 😉

Sunday, September 15
There’s a Vintage Baseball game today to benefit Occoquan-Woodbridge-Neabsco Optimists.  (Fun Fact: I can tell if you’re a PWC native based on your pronounciation of “Neabsco” which, phonetically, should be “Neebs-ko”, however it is “Knee-Abs-Co”, just FYI) Occoquan-Woodbridge-Neabsco (O.W.N.) Optimists are sponsoring a vintage baseball tournament on Sunday, September 15 beginning at 11 a.m. at Pftizner Stadium. The tournament will feature four teams from the Mid-Atlantic Vintage Baseball League. Tickets are $12 for adults and children under 12 are free. For more information or to order tickets online, please visit https://sites.google.com/site/occoquanoptimists/.