Week in Preview August 25th, 2014

We had such a fun weekend- a date night with friends on Saturday and our son’s baptism on Sunday (Can I sneak in one more picture? I try not to brag to you guys too much about my kids, but it was the best day ever….and it’s my website….so I’m going to)

Yay! In case you’re wondering, we go to New Hope in Lorton, which I actually picked when I stopped working at churches so I could not have to know anything about what was going on (it’s a big church)- but now I really really really really love their 4th-6th grade program, Revolution, and so now we are those crazy people who drive 30-40 minutes for church.  #ForReal. People ask me frequently for help finding a place of worship, so if you love yours (whatever religion) send me info so I can pass it along to people when they ask.

Now, on to the stuff you actually come here for.

Again, the week before school starts is s…l…o…w in the events department- but I’ll try to hit you with some last-minute-before-school-starts ideas.

Monday, August 25th
At 10:30 am, join Bull Run Library for a “Bubble Blowout” Outdoor bubble fun for the whole family! For families and children of all ages. If weather is clear, this program will be drop-in. If weather is inclement, we will blow bubbles indoors and tokens will be available 30 minutes before program begins.

At 4:30pm, join the 25th Project for their monthly gathering.  Come out and help the homeless in PWC by participating in The 25th Project each month. More information at http://www.the25thproject.org/ or visit them on Facebook to RSVP for your family.

Tuesday, August 26th
$2 Tuesday at University Mall Theater.  They’ll be finishing up the summer with Maleficent, Planes 2, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and Walking with Dinosaurs. Tickets, popcorn, and sodas are $2 each.  Be sure to arrive early to get your tickets, they sell out to camps etc. pretty quickly.  We like to go, buy our tickets a few hours ahead, hit a park and/or lunch, and then come back.

Need a park recommendation near Burke or in Fairfax for while you wait? Check out my friend Kamber at NovaOutdoors– I love her site for finding outdoor play areas!

Wednesday, August 27th
Rocknoceros will be at Stonebridge at 10:30 am for the children’s series. Meet by the Jumbotron for this free kids concert.

Have you been to Vertical Rock yet? This is, for real, our new favorite thing ever.  It’s a little expensive for a new activity at $20 for 3 climbs- but that gets you a harness, certified belayer, and help learning how to use their amazing facility.  I think this would be an amazing treat for back to school- and don’t forget to check your child’s scout manual- they may be able to get a badge/patch/button/whatevertheheck. Another option? Call ahead and reserve a spot for your kids on Friday for the kids night on the rocks- and you and hubby can enjoy a date while the kids work their muscles!

Thursday, August 28th
The U.S. Army Blues Band will play from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm at the Harris Pavilion, 9201 Center Street in Manassas.

Friday, August 29th
Have you signed your kiddos up for fall activities yet? Several of our sponsors (who we appreciate so much!) offer fall classes! Majest in Montclair offers classes for various levels and times of day, including homeschoolers, Edgemoor Art Studio is bar-none the best place for your creative learner (and I am not just saying that!), Daytime Playtime has added 3’s classes, Toddlin Time has a great indoor space for your little one, Soccer Shots can help you keep your kiddo active, the Academy of Russian Ballet has classes for various levels, and Engineering for Kids is a great way to encourage STEM! Don’t forget the Freedom Center– they have classes of all sorts! We really encourage you to support the businesses that support our site- not just because they do so, but because we’re kind of picky about who we’ll take, and we feel like you’ll like them!

Saturday, August 30th
Thinking you need to stay local and avoid the beach traffic? What about a camping trip? In-county I recommend Prince William Forest Park for camping with kids although if you’d like to venture a little further, Burke Lake Park has a lot of fun amenities!

Sunday, August 31st
Need something local so you don’t have to battle returning beach traffic? What about a day on Rivershore Charters? Check out our guest post about the experience.

Not my favorite- but say it with me three times, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice will be playing at Stonebridge at 7pm.

Enjoy your last week of summer vacation!

Don’t forget, if you have events to add to our calendar, it’s FREE to have them added! This can include open houses, info sessions, registration deadlines, community events, programs, whatever!