Upcoming FREE Wellness Classes

May is mental health month and Group Therapy Associates has gotten together with Sport & Health to offer some workshops focused on combining good physical health and mental health to create a happier and healthier lifestyle.
The workshops are FREE and Sport & Health is giving anyone who is not already a member a free 30-Day membership for registering to attend any of the workshops.  The workshops will be held May 11 (morning workshops) and May 15 (evening workshop).
One of the workshops is focused specifically on play and sounds fun for mommas!

The workshops are free but registration is necessary so that there are enough materials for everyone, and so that Sport and Health knows who’s coming to workout!

Workshop option 1 is called “Happier and Healthier”.  This workshop will talk about how to live your best life with integrated wellness, noting that fitness and health begin as a thought process.  To register, visit the link here for the eventbrite registration. 

Workshop 2 is called “Play Your Way to Wellness” and will help you get fit and take better care of your children by learning to play your way healthy.  To register, visit the link here for the eventbrite registration.