Town Hall Recap- COVID-19

Hello everyone!

Thank you to our speakers for last night’s Town Hall Meeting! I have separated their responses out by speaker so that you can quickly find the information you are looking for. Comments are on, so if you’d like to add a resource, please do, but if you’re looking to ask a question, the speaker’s contact information, or the organization you’re looking to connect with will be the fastest way to make that happen.

If you’d like to watch the original live broadcast, it’s here on Facebook.



Segment 1: Social Services Contacts with Kris Nohe




Segment 2: County Services with Supervisor Kenny Boddye




Segment 3: PWCS Answers with School Board Representative Lisa Zargarpur




Segment 4: Medical Questions with Dr. Ashton-Lazaroae from ALL Pediatrics (Her live video is here.)