The Thing About Reviewing

Remember that one time that I didn’t have a good experience? I do! And not just because it was bad- but because some of you guys then think I’m a horrible person. Always my favorite.

Oy the freak outs sometimes! My favorite response, I think, was the one from a small business owner telling me she’d lost respect for me because I had a negative experience and shared it.

And here’s the thing- others of you send me emails/messages saying I only ever have positive reviews, so how can you trust me? Or that if somewhere invited me to come review it and we had a good time, that they “cheated” because they knew it was for a review.

You love it when I love something you love, you hate it when I love something you hate, you love it when I hate something you hate, and you hate me when I dislike something that you love.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

  1. Places sure do love it when they get free coverage from me because they’re having a fundraiser, kid’s eat free, etc.
  2. Places sure do love it when I showed up unexpectedly and tell you guys they did a great job.
  3. It’s 2017 and Yelp has been a thing for awhile.  If you are operating a small business under the delusion that you can have “one bad day” and not have the internet find out, you guys, I just want to tell you that’s not true.
  4. Me not having a good experience at a place you love is not me telling you that you are personally wrong. It just means we went, it sucked, and I told you.  I ALWAYS tag the business so they can respond.

Now at the place in question (and I deleted the post, which I regret now, because I stand behind me giving honest feedback so that you guys know I’m telling the truth when I like things) I DID give real-time feedback.  I did tell the waitress our order was wrong (and she argued with me), I did tell her we’d been waiting forever, and when she finally brought the check, she told me that they had only one chef today, which, honestly, she could have told me up front, she could have recommended an appetizer, heck, even bringing out crackers to the tables with kids would have been smart.

And, in my post, I made sure to mention that my husband and son said their food was fantastic! In my original reviews, I offered places the opportunity to tell me that they didn’t want me to publish them when they’d invited me, and some did that.  After I had it happen twice, I realized that not saying when I didn’t like something was like me lying to you guys and allowing you to think I only ever like things.  I’m sorry if it makes you angry, but I do give you the chance to tell me I’m wrong, I just wish you’d do it by saying things like “We go there all the time and it’s awesome- give it another go” instead of telling me that I’m a horrible person.

Not a sermon, just a thought.  Leave your angry responses below, I know they’re coming.