Thank You

Most days I feel like nothing I do has very much value at all.  I think that’s pretty typical as a mom.  In between math lessons with my homeschoolers and switching the laundry, I try to find time to throw a few updates on Facebook to share what’s going on with other moms.  I hope that what I do helps cut through the monotony in your life, or at least makes your already fun life more active.  As moms, in fact, I think we learn to not expect feedback.  When you go to school, you get constant feedback in grades and awards.  Those of you who work get performance reviews, raises (okay, not in this economy), and promotions.  
I haven’t had a performance review in years, unless you count the days where I don’t get the house clean before my husband gets home…but those aren’t necessarily a good thing 😉 
So, when Northern Virginia Magazine emailed me to tell me that I’d won “Best of Northern Virginia” 2012 for my blog, I emailed them back to confirm they’d emailed the correct person.
Verbatim email:
“Thanks for the email, but are you sure? I didn’t even know I was in the running.”
I didn’t pester you guys to go vote for me, in fact, I specifically remember saying that my site was too small to ever win.  I know that you’re all busy, just like me, with kids and school and work and laundry.  So, I want you all to know how very much it means to me to get a review from you, who took time out of your day to go fill in a form that you didn’t have to fill out.  Because today, I feel like some small percentage of what I do in this space must have something of value for someone, and that is such an overwhelming feeling.
Thank you for reading, and thank you for taking the time to vote.  You all have formed this blog into what it is, so truly this belongs to all of you who comment and ask questions, all of you who send events and reviews, each of you who has sent me an angry email because I cover or don’t cover a particular event or organization.  Thank you for being a part of this community, and thank you for letting me be a writer.  As I told a reporter, I can’t knit, so this is my outlet, and that is a gift that you all continue to give me as readers.  You all let me claim the title of “writer” and I appreciate that so very much.
I realize this isn’t that huge of a deal, really, but it’s a big deal to me.  
With Thanks,
This year, the 2012 Best of NOVA Blog award is shared by SuperNovaMommy and PwcMoms.
Micaela has been a tremendous friend and inspiration to me, and I am incredibly humbled to share this title with someone who has done so much for her community.