Summer Food Pantry Crisis

I know we talked the other day about how House of Mercy was running low on food.  It’s not just them.  I’m gonna use the word crisis here.  On purpose.  Because this (Pictures taken from the ACTS Facebook Page):

 That is a crisis.  There is NO RICE AT ALL. There’s no pasta sauce.  There are two shelves of pasta.  ACTS serves hundreds of people a month. It’s only the 17th.  This is not Old Mother Hubbard going to the cupboard, guys, these are our neighbors and their children.

Now you know I have a particularly soft spot in my heart for ACTS, but you can go to wherever your favorite organization houses their food.  I am willing to bet money that they won’t turn you away.

Here’s a list of most-needed items (I’m emailing some frugal blogger friends to see if I can align this list with current grocery deals):

Most Needed Items
Peanut butter Jelly
Cereal Oatmeal
Tuna Boxed Mac and Cheese
Spaghetti Pasta Sauce
Canned Fruit Canned Vegetables
Canned Soup Milk
Eggs Meat
Diapers (larger sizes 3+) Deodorant
Soap Shampoo
Toothpaste Toilet Paper

Please help if you can.  Nobody cares if it’s brand-name spaghetti or the 10 for $10 stuff at Giant.  Nobody cares if it’s Del Monte Green Beans or the ones from Wegmans (what’s that, like $.29/can?).  Just Be Awesome And Help.  Thanks.