Summer Camp at Daytime Playtime 2016

This summer, Daytime Playtime is happy to
offer some very unique camps for their students. They have a variety of camps for
different age groups. They are offering half-day camps and full day camps. These
camps are entertaining, informative and the children will have lots of
fun.  Daytime Playtime camps are focused on engaging students to explore, discover,
work in teams, imagine and experience in a fun and creative way so they
won’t even notice they are learning new skills and facts!  
Daytime Playtime summer camps offer the most
flexible schedule you will find in this area. You can choose how many days,
what days, AM/PM session, in whichever weeks works for you. 
There is a registration
fee of $25
Cost of Summer Camps at DTPT:
5 days a week am or pm sessions:  $185.00 a week.
3 days a week am or pm sessions:  $125.00 a week.
1 day a week/droop in session am or pm: $45.00 a day
Full day camps are available for 5 days a
week:  $255.00 a week (Parent
must provided Lunch)
Daytime Playtime offers a 5% discount for any family enrolling two or more children as well as a 5% discount for enrolling a child for two or
more camps. The discount will be applied to the second and consecutive camps.
 Please note you must register for all camps at the same time to receive
the discount.  No discounts will be giving if enrolling in multiples camps
Referrals: If you refer a friend you will get a $25 credit in your
Outside play: The
children will be having outside activities everyday and water will be part of
the fun, so please make sure they apply sunscreen before coming to the camp and
always bring an extra set of clothes, bottle of water and a towel. All
items need to be label with name and last name.

join Daytime Playtime to have a great fun summertime!