Stroller Strides

Working out after baby is tough.   You’re tired, you’ve got a new baby that you don’t necessarily want to leave with the stressed out lady in your gym childcare room, let alone expose them to the germs from the other 50 kids in there while Mommy works out….

But yet, you also want to wear non-maternity clothes and get out of the house.

Enter: Stroller Strides

Stroller Strides is a fitness program designed for moms to do with their babies. It includes cardio, intervals of toning, songs for your baby and more.  What fun!  Our local Stroller Strides franchise is run by Angela Grevert, who is very fun and excited about what she does!

Right now, Stroller Strides meets at Potomac Mills Mall from 9am-10am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.  They’re also opening a new class at Manassas Mall THIS WEDNESDAY, March 14th from 9:30am-10:30am, meeting at the entrance to Sears.  They’ll also be starting outdoor classes soon at Signal Hill Park (Manassas) and Anne Moncure Wall Park (Dumfries/Montclair).  On a day like this one, an outdoor class sounds like just the ticket!!  

Angela offers a “First Week Free” program so that you can see how Stroller Strides works with you and your baby.  She’s also offering a special promotion for anyone who registers and mentions PwcMoms!  Name drop our website, and your registration fee will be $25 (a savings of $50).  

To sign up for a trial class, give Angela a call!! Again, your first week is free, and this is a great way to get back in shape (or stay in shape), meet other moms, and have fun!  Don’t worry about your baby crying, either- there’s no better group of understanding people than other new mommas!!

Angela Grevert
Stroller Strides Woodbridge/Manassas