Stocking Stuffer Ideas Brought to you by Virginia Gateway and PwcMoms

I got some of my Christmas shopping done early this year filling stockings for my eldest son (turning 13 on Sunday!!) and my youngest daughter (she’s 8).  Need some ideas? Here’s what I came up with shopping all in one convenient location at Virginia Gateway!

I got new knit stockings for all three of my kids from Target.  I love the homey, comfortable look of them, and they’re going to look great with the colors in my family room where we put our tree.  They were $13 each, but they seem really well made and I’m hoping to have them for a long time!

Stocking 1: Boy, 13

Riley just got accepted to the page program, so he’s going to need more ties, and I found him a really cute one at J. Crew Mercantile! I also picked him up some bright colored socks, which seem to be a thing with the kids in his scout troop.


Plaid Oxford Tie- $22
Festive Socks- $5

At Five Below there were tons of affordable options.  We don’t usually do candy in our house, so it’s always a welcome treat.

Tic Tac Snowman- $3.99
Pez Santa- $1.79
Reese’s Tree (that I might eat before Christmas)- $1

At my house there are some must-haves in every stocking.  A new pair of gloves and some tooth-care are on that list! My kids lose their gloves, so a new set is vital, and I’m not sure why we always have toothbrushes except that when I was a kid I got them, too, and I’m continuing that tradition. These items are from Target, too.

Two Pack Oral B- $6.99
Merona Hat/Gloves- $4.99 (hat)/$4.99 (gloves)
Listerine Healthy White- $5.50

I have several ornaments that were given to me as a child that now hang on my tree as an adult, so when I saw this Rob Gronkowski ornament (because my son is a brilliant child and knows that the best football team on this great green Earth is the New England Patriots) at Hallmark, I knew it had to be his.

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament- $17.95

Grooming is a thing that has to happen when you’re 13, and if you’ve got super curly hair like my son, it requires product.  I stopped by Bubbles and snagged him this Cibu Origumi which is going to be perfect for his hair type.


A gift card is always a great idea- my kids feel really excited when they can pay for themselves.  Riley has a bi-weekly patrol meeting for scouts at Subway, so this is the perfect gift card for him, and there’s one right in Virginia Gateway!

Subway Gift Card- $25 (but you can choose your own denomination)

It’s Sugar is an amazing candy store with lots of cute options, and the very helpful employee recommend Bean Boozled to me.  It’s like candy and a game- the spinner tells you what color to pick, but you might get a good flavor, and you might get a bad one.  For example, the green jelly beans might be grass clippings- but then again they might be lime. I think this will be fun for him to use on his friends, which is what I see happening.

Bean Boozled- $8.99

Again, since Riley is going to page, he needs to have things to keep himself looking sharp when he’s away from home.  HomeGoods had this cute “Dapper Chap” manicure kit for guys, which I think will prove quite useful.

Clean Cut Gents Manicure Set- $7.99

Riley’s Total Stocking (including a new stocking)- $146.23

Stocking 2: Girl, 8

I started off for Savannah at Five Below.  Again, they have some great gift options, especially for under the tree, at great prices.  For her stocking, I picked up the same items as for my son in the candy department, and then found these polka dot colored pencils- and polka dots are her FAVORITE.

15110937_10100247459416301_5394006678817293612_o 15128992_10100247459446241_4567446350355717911_o
Tic Tac Snowman- $3.99
Pez Santa- $1.79
Reese’s Tree (that I might eat before Christmas)- $1
Prang Groove Colored Pencils-$3.00

At It’s Sugar I picked some cute themed items for her- a candy dispenser and some lip gloss.  I love that the lip gloss has a glitter lid!

Pixy Stix Lip Gloss- $3.99
Shopkins Candy Dispenser in Strawberry-$4.99

Back at Target I was able to get a two pack of toothbrushes (and they’re Frozen themed!!) with toothpaste and a Christmas duck scrubby.

Crest Frozen Tooth Care Kit-$5.99
Rubber Duck Pouf- $2.49

For my daughter there is no better store than Justice, and while an outfit would definitely be a little too pricey for a stocking, I knew they’d have some cute stuffers! I got this adorable Ty Snowman, and I picked up a few things off their 4 for $10 rack of party favors!

15137627_10100247459251631_7836106797936653608_o 15168877_10100247459675781_3879100673143919265_o
Pencil Case, Pencils, Jumbo Eraser, Keychain- 4 items for $10
Peppermint Hand Sanitizer (with glitter!!)- $1.25

While I was at J. Crew Mercantile for my son’s tie, I noticed these adorable star cupcake kits and crewcuts glitter socks in holiday red! Couldn’t resist! They’ve also got really adorable jeweled headbands (but my daughter hates things on her head) and necklaces.

Cupcake Kit-$13

Also Target- hat and gloves! A must, as I mentioned! The hat reminded me of the middle sister from Despicable Me.  Agnes? And the gloves have hot pink stitching on them- so both of them will match her coat.

Gloves- $8.99

Again, a gift card! I stopped into Starbucks for me (momma needed some caffeine to keep shopping!) and their holiday gift cards are so cute, I couldn’t resist!

Gift Card- $15 (but you can choose your denomination)

I also got her a super adorable gold plated necklace with her name on it at Hallmark for $7.99- but I’m going to have to update with pictures of that because it appears to have vanished in my car somewhere!!

Total for Savannah- $130.86

Now, my budget from Virginia Gateway was $150 for each stocking, but Savannah’s was very full and I still had $20, so I headed over to Pier One Imports and picked up the cutest wrapping supplies!! We always pick a special set of wrapping paper for Santa to use, so this year he’s going to be red and green.  I snagged
Peppermint Wrap- $6.95 (but I bought 3, so $20.85…and there went the last of my budget)
But I couldn’t just have the wrapping paper because there was so much adorable stuff- so I got out my own budget and got:

Polka Dot Bags- $5.95
Green Glitter Ribbon- $7.95
Jingle Bell Tags- $4.95
Red and Green Holographic Bows- $4.95 (but I bought 2, so $9.90)

So there you have it! I got everything I needed for Christmas Stockings in one great shopping location, and I had a great time doing it!

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