Stitch Fix

A few people I know have had fantastic luck with getting clothes through Stitch Fix, and I decided that I was going to give it a go!

If you haven’t heard about it, Stitch Fix is an online shopping service that sends you a package of clothes selected for you based on an online profile that you fill out about what you like, don’t like, like to flaunt, like to hide, colors you don’t like, fabrics you don’t like, etc.

You can also add a link to your Pinterest clothing board, if you have one.  Who says all that time you spend picking out outfits is useless?

So, how did it go? 

 Here is my box. 

 There are suggestions on outfits that you can make with the pieces in your box.

 There are prices for all of the pieces in your box (your $20 styling fee goes towards the purchase of your items).

 It’s like Christmas!

Oh….but this is yellow.

 This is kinda cute? Maybe? But I’m fat so I’m never sure how stripes will work out on me.

 Oh….this is also yellow.

 This is a huge black poncho sweater thingy.

 These are pants that my stylist says feel like sweats. 

This is the print on the pants. 
Now it’s time to torture the 11 year old and make him take pictures of me in all my new outfits since Daddy is sleeping in!

 So, this is the blue pants and the black sweater.  I felt enormous in the sweater, and the pants were okay, but they were the most expensive item in the box and I wasn’t totally in love with them.  I definitely wasn’t $98 in love with them.

 I think my eyes are closed in all of these….but I actually like this one.  The stripes give some kind of illusion shape that I find to be acceptable.

 Yup, it’s still mustard yellow, even after I tried it on…

So, what did I end up doing? Well, as part of your fix box, you get a postage paid envelope to return anything that you don’t like.  I kept the striped shirt (in fact, I am wearing it right now).  I sent back everything else.  Mustard is apparently the “it” color for fall, but I felt ugly in it and I have to feel pretty in my brain about what I’m wearing, or else I don’t wear it, even if it’s trendy. 

Would I do another Stitch Fix? I would, actually.  I love getting mail (because I’m four, don’t judge me), and I love trying on new things but I rarely have time to shop.  Plus, I have it on good authority that the more things they see you like/don’t like, the better your boxes get.  I’ll send them the link to my review, and they’ll know that I am too Casper the Friendly Ghost Colored to handle mustard yellow in the future 😉

(Note: I wasn’t paid to do this review, but you should know that the links I put in give me credits when people sign up.  If you don’t like that, you can visit and avoid crediting my account when you order).

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