Stanley Cup Snack Pinterest Roundup

I love hockey.  LOVE it.  I will willingly get out of bed at 4:30am on a Saturday to watch my kid play defense.

Okay, so not like, super willingly- but I am happy by the time the puck drops.

Having the Washington Capitals in the Stanley Cup Finals is amazing at my house.  We are so excited to watch our favorite home town team stick it to the Golden Knights.

Okay, that’s not like, super nice of me, but…it’s been 20 years of us losing to the penguins, so…I’m going to leave it there.

If you’re joining in on the Stanley Cup Finals fun, here are some of my favorite snack/party ideas from Pinterest!

Lord Stan2fd6ce1535af5c71226a0d16a33cfa2dley’s Snacking Sticks from Savvy Mom.  Because you need something healthy.  Pick up your “Stanley Cup” from the Dollar Store- just make sure you wash it thoroughly first, or better yet, put a container inside- some of that “silver coating” is not food safe.





Hockey Cupcakes from She’s Game Sports look like something you could put your kids to work decorating! If you’re short on time, get plain frosted cupcakes from the grocery store and add decorations rather than making your own.






7e6e7c20f1a173b511afde4e05589471If you want to go over the top decorating, I love this “Concessions Stand” idea from Hostess with the Mostess.  You’ll obviously want your food items to be Caps themed, so order yourself some stickers, straws, and drink wraps, or make them yourself, you crafty little minx!









More sugar!! Ding Dong Hockey Pucks from Frankie and Amanda! How easy is that?






If you have your black-belt in entertaining, check out these Stanley Cups made from ice cream cones from Today’s Parent! They look so fun, and you get to play with Vodka.




I’m a huge fan of picking a few “custom” items like these that really make it look like you worked hard, and then filling in with some easy items like subs (Jersey Mikes does a lovely box of assorted sandwiches), pizza rolls, popcorn or frozen pretzels.  The cute things make an impact and you don’t have to start from scratch on everything.

Mini Stanley Cup Replica - new picNeed to keep the kids busy while you’re watching the game, or even keep feuding factions busy during those pesky inter-period breaks? How about a Stanley Cup photo booth? Make your own cup and provide (Caps) jerseys/hats to wear for the photo! Hockey sticks and missing teeth optional, but recommended. Directions can be found at Stick This.







Another fun game- pin the puck in the goal! You will want a picture of Fleury for this, obviously, because you don’t want to encourage people to get the puck around Holtby!



There’s tons more fun stuff floating around the web depending on your budget! Flags, coozies (is that how you spell it?), and paper products can all be found online. (One to try here, but I have no brand loyalty, so if you find it cheaper go with my blessing!)



Finally, one bonus of being a Caps fan at this time of year is that places like Target already have Fourth of July items in the Dollar Spot- which makes it easy for you to decorate in Caps colors on the cheap!


Are you planning a Stanley Cup party? What are some of your plans? Is anyone going to attempt a live version of the Golden Knights opening ceremony? You’ll want to start pricing fog machines now 😉