Spring Break Boredom Busters

It’s spring break….but if you’re not jet setting off to the family beach house or taking a Disney Vacation that’ll make the rest of us jealous- that means you’re home.

With the kids.
And if they tell you they’re bored one more time,  you’re going to start putting a little something extra in your coffee.
No worries! There are a bunch of fun things you can do WITHOUT going into DC.  Let’s have a look, shall we?
1) Special Performances of “Home” from Studio 3 at the Workhouse Arts Center.  Each day at 11am, there will be a play designed just for kids! While you’re there, take some time to walk around and peek in on the artisans working in the different buildings! They’re friendly and enjoy having an audience, unless their door is closed.  
2) The National Museum of the Marine Corps is just down the street, and they even have a playground! Beyond that, you can stop at the front desk and get a museum hunt for your kids to follow along with as they go through the museum (or get it off the website here). They’ve put in a lot of effort to make the museum as kid-friendly as possible, and my boys very much enjoyed it, but there are a few exhibits with mannequins who are obviously injured or dying, and while very fake, it may be disturbing to a more sensitive child.  
3) Bull Run Library will have an “Unbirthday Party” on April 5th at 2pm.  Don’t feel like driving? Have your own! 
4) Riverside Dinner Theater (a short drive south) will be playing Seussical the Musical for their children’s theatre shows this week.  Thursday is discounted with no lunch served (eat before you go).
5) On the 5th, Chinn Library will have a petting zoo, but tickets are limited, so get yours today! (Free)
6) Jump Jump Jump! Kids in Motion, Jump N Jimmy’s, and House of Bounce will all have extra bounce times.  Some have upped their prices for special Easter Promotions, and it’s a good idea to pay ahead if you can. 
7) Don’t forget our Egg Hunt Guide!! 
8) Laser Quest will be busy, but they limit the number of kids per game, so it’s an option.
9) Jammin Java has family shows all week, including one Friday night and one Saturday.  They’re in Vienna, but that’s a decent field trip range for Spring Break! Look at me- well- look at my writing: GET THERE EARLY.  Take a friend, even, and one of you can stay in the car while the other waits in line.  If you get there at 10:25 for a 10:30 show, it’ll be sold out.  
10) I haven’t been to either of these places, but the Cavalier Family Skating Center in Stafford and Skate N Fun Zone in Manassas are both open.  From friends I’ve heard that Cavalier has a nicer floor and skates, but I can’t comment for sure.
11) Decorate! Coffee Filter Butterflies, Giant Easter Eggs, Forsythia Paintings, turn your house into a spring wonderland! (I’m not really sure why I’m giving suggestions here- you all know you have a Pinterest list 7,000 miles long you’ve been waiting to start on.  Go on, get to Michael’s and get going!! Not crafty? Go to Michael’s anyway- they’ve got a great selection of boxed crafts you don’t have to think about!)
12) Bake! We did Easter Basket Cupcakes, but you can do whatever you’d like.  We used rainbow Twizzlers, green coconut (just add a few drops of liquid food dye and stir), Starburst Jelly Beans, and a few Peeps.
13) Paint Your Own Pottery- you can get kits at Michaels if you’re on a budget, or head over to Occoquan to Paint Your Heart Out.

Leave a comment! What are your ideas?