Camp at Home Week 2: Space Camp

Hi Guys!!

We’re going to be offering Weeks of Camp at Home that you can hopefully use to keep your kiddos busy if you’re still at home. Businesses are welcome to submit a week in exchange for free advertising, so if you’re interested, let me know!

Week 2 is from me- it’s a space theme! Have fun!

Space Camp

Elementary Kids

Materials Needed for the Week: Oreo cookies, paper plates, boxes, rubber bands, life savers, plastic drinking straw, ruler, tape, scissors, black paper, white paper, aluminum foil, marker, gray paint, white paint, black paint, scissors, glue, glitter glue, star glitter, liquid starch, food coloring, plastic cups, powdered milk, Milky Way Candy, mini marshmallows, pretzel sticks, #6 plastic container, sharpie markers, yarn/thread to make bracelets, hot dogs, canned crescent roll dough, cheese, crackers, freeze dried fruit chips

Monday: The Moon

Video: Bill Nye: The Moon

Experiments: Moon Rover (NOTE: Parents should supervise and/or cut the cardboard out. Kids shouldn’t use a box cutter.)

Snack: Oreo Moon Phases

Craft: Moon Painting

Worksheet: Moon Observation

Tuesday: The Galaxy

Video: Bill Nye Outer Space

Experiment: Galaxy in a Glass

Snack: Milky Way Candies

Craft: Galaxy Slime

Worksheet: Cut out your own images from the Hubble Space Telescope

Wednesday: Stars

Video: Constellation Stories

Experiment: Make your own constellation

Online Planetarium:

Snack: Star Cheese and Crackers

Craft: Make your own star bracelets using shrinky-dink stars you make yourself.

Worksheet: Color the parts of the sun

Thursday: Mars

Video: NASA Mars Fun Zone

Experiment: Mars Rover Game

Create your own Mars Colony.

Snack: Rocket Hot Dogs

Craft: Color and Cut out Solar System

Friday: Astronauts

Video: How Can I Be An Astronaut

Inside the ISS

Experiment: Learn about one of the astronauts!

Snack: Freeze Dried Fruit

Craft: Construct an astronaut