SBN Reviews: Wonder Kids

IMG_1638My sweet baby niece (SBN) came to visit! Since my kids are too old for many local play areas, I was excited to put her to work! On her first day visiting, she went to Wonder Kids in Manassas. Located at 9104 Mathis Avenue, I’m not saying you HAVE to eat lunch at Tony’s Pizza, but, you know, it’s right there. The facility is open daily for ages 0-10.

Admission pricing/Hours

Monday – Thursday (10am-7pm)

0-5 Months / Parents (Up to 2 Adults)   FREE

Additional Adults (per person)  $2.95
6 Months to Under 1  $9.95

1 Years to 3 Years  $10.95
4 to 10 Years  $11.95

Friday (10am-7pm) – Sunday (10am-6pm) & Holidays (10am-6pm)

0-5 Months / Parents (Up to 1 Adults)  FREE

Additional Adults (per person)  $2.95
6 Months to Under 1  $10.95

1 Years to 3 Years  $12.95
4 to 10 Years  $13.95

Membership Play Pass

$50 for (5) Admissions

$70 for Unlimited Monthly Pass

So how did it go?

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According to PWC Grammy (who’s way picker than me- so this is a real endorsement!)

“Wonder Kids is a great indoor option for your little ones.  It is sparkly clean and the staff is super friendly.  It is set up so that 1-3 year olds have a side and 4-10 year olds have a side; however the younger ones can go to the older side as long as parents accompany them.  My almost 2 year old played hard for the entire 2 hour session and didn’t want to go when our time was up.  All play area floors are covered in colorful foam mats and the climbing toys are surrounded by netting to stop them from falling off.”

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