Ringling Brothers Fully Charged

It’s circus time!!
 Last year we were able to go to Funundrum, and we had a fantastic time! This year, “Fully Charged” is coming to the Patriot Center April 4-15th and the Verizon Center March 15-18th.  

Last year we only took our boys, but this year we’re super excited to take our daughter, too! (She had plans for a date with grandma already last year).  Our boys were almost 5 and 7 last year and they both had a fantastic time.  There’s so much going on during the show that there’s something for everyone, and they especially enjoyed the contortionists and the motorcycle-on-a-tightrope routine!  It literally took my breath away!!

If you went to the circus as a child and don’t remember it being that exciting, just remember that this isn’t a “Tent in a Parking Lot”.  Last year my husband and I left feeling a lot more like we’d been to a performance than an old-school circus, and we loved it.  There are still clowns and tigers and elephants, but if Fully Charged is anything like Funundrum- it’s a whole new world of circus!

There is also The “All Access Power Up Pre-show Party” which is hosted one hour before show time and is free to ticket holders. The Pre-show allows audience members to meet and take photos with performers, try on circus costumes, learn circus skills and have the chance to win a painting created by Asia the elephant. 

Bonus- Enter code 6MOM and save $6 on your tickets!!

Disclosure: RBB&B has provided PwcMoms with tickets to use in promotional fashion.