Review: Veritas Press Self-Paced Bible

Veritas Press offers several online options for Bible learning in a classical Christian model- family subscriptions to or Self-Paced Bible studies in Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua, Old
Testament 2: Judges to Kings, or New Testament 1: The Gospels.

This year at church, my oldest child did a class called “Foundations for Faith” which is comparable to a confirmation class.  He had to do lots of Bible memory, weekly classwork, a very in-depth paper, and a mid-term and final exam.  Because his class was very in-depth and required a lot of time out of class studying, we didn’t really add any extra Bible beyond that class for his 6th grade year.  Now that he’s done (and earned a trip to King’s Dominion!) I am really excited for him to pick back up with Bible study at home.  Because he did so well being self-motivated for the class he was in, I thought that the Self-Paced Bible New Testament 1: The Gospels would be just perfect for him.  Riley, as a reminder, is 12 and in 6th grade.

Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review
Each topic has a set of 4 lessons, and each lesson has introduction, review, the new lesson, games, the gospels memory song,
review of the lesson quizzes, and wrap-up. There is a test lesson for
each group of lessons as well. Each lesson is introduced by Benjamin, a carpenter, and Jude, the apprentice.  I think that this course would easily work for a younger child done as a family study.  We found the course to be very user-friendly.

Throughout the course there are quizzes, which require an 80 percent to pass, but passing isn’t required to move on with the next lesson. You can track your child’s progress in the parent dashboard, which
allows keep your child on track with assignments, displays the cumulative percentage (automatically calculated, my favorite way to grade anything!!).  He wasn’t a fan of the songs.  If you have Veritas Press History Flash Cards, you’ll notice that many of them align with what you are learning in this program.  We happen to have a set from a previous program.

course is an online course which gives you one year to complete. It
is recommended for 2nd-5th grades but we found it great for Riley, although some of the images are definitely geared for a younger audience. The course is regularly $179 for the year but until June 11th it’s only $79 for the year! I think that I definitely concur with the 2nd-5th grade ages, Riley is a little old for this particular format, but didn’t mind things being a little easier.  Savannah (rising 3rd) and Logan (rising 5th) were very interested in what he got to do on the computer- always a favorite in our homeschool, and would definitely be interested in doing this program next year. 

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Old and New Testament Online Self-Paced Bible Veritas Review

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