Review: Norwex with Ashley Miller

What I like most about Ashley is that she was honest about the fact that she hates to clean. 

Well, no, what I like most about Ashley is that she was a donor to my Silver Sparkles event to benefit Brain Tumor/Brain Cancer research.

But it’s a close second on the honesty.

I personally enjoy organizing, and I like it when things ARE clean, but I don’t necessarily want to send the kids off with hubby on a weekend so that I can scrub things from top to bottom.  And by “don’t necessarily” I mean “not gonna happen”.  Ever.

In the homeschooling crowd I run with, we have a lot of what I would call crunchy granola types.  I like that about them 🙂 but that means that I had heard of Norwex before, but I hadn’t actually tried it.  I think they are most known for their microfiber cleaning cloths, which contain a special type of silver that makes each cloth be antimicrobial and antibacterial without you having to douse them in any kind of spray, which I’ve been trying to phase out of my home since getting sick.  Can’t be too careful with the neurotoxins (not that I’m hating on the cleaning supplies, because sometimes I don’t care how bad they are for me, I’m going to use them- case in point, the last time something “accidentally” got dropped in the toilet. #CloroxBleach)

So, these are the cloths:

Mine happen to be blue, and not pink, but I did not let that oversight cloud my review 😉

So I actually tried some of the crazy things they say you can do with these (example: “wipe up butter and then clean your windows!!!” Who would do that? Seriously. But I did! And it did work! But I felt gross about it, so then I rinsed the cloth out and did it again).

I did not try some of the other crazy things they say you can do with these (example: “wipe up raw chicken and then wipe your kitchen table!!” That’s cool, but no thanks.  I’m gonna take your word for it- they have studies and youtube videos if you’d like to check, but I’d just rather clean my nasty chicken juice off with some super-hot wash cycle, thanks!)

So the cloths are cool, and you can totally order some! Ashley also mentioned to me that she thinks their towels are Ah-mah-zing.  These are pricier than the microfibers you’d get at the dollar store, but they do offer the antibacterial silver and they really do suck stuff up.  If I wasn’t in the middle of moving, I would love to do some kind of Bounty commercial type of experiment where I see how much blue mystery liquid these can hold versus a cheaper version. 

And then I’d make a tri-fold board with the results, because I’m a dork like that.

Moving on, Ashley also brought me some of the Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent, enough to run 3 loads in a traditional washer/dryer.  It’s pricey for regular laundry machines at $21.99 for 40 loads.  However, I have an HE washer, so I got to use 1 teaspoon per load.

1 teaspoon is not a lot of detergent, y’all.

In the interest of science, I even brought down a teaspoon measure for you guys.  That is dedication.  For real. 
Further proving my dedication, I took pictures of my nasty kitchen towel.  You know, the one I used to wipe of chicken juice with since I wouldn’t use the Norwex cloth. This, in cold water with 1 teaspoon of the detergent turned into this:

Which I would qualify as a win. If you’re interested in products to help keep your home clean without chemicals, I would definitely recommend you get in touch with Ashley!! You can use her website to contact her.  Thanks for the fun review, Ashley!

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