Review: MyFreezEasy Meal Planning

Our schedule is crazy, and I know yours is, too.  For me, one way that I make sure I don’t spend a million dollars on fast food dinners is by preparing ahead of time- so the premium annual membership for Freezer Meal Plan Membership was definitely something that I was excited to use!

MyFreezEasy’s basic membership will give you access to 5 different meal plans, a traditional plan, a gluten free plan (I know some of you will love this!), a slow cooker plan (my fave!), a clean eats plan (perfect for those of you who like to keep it healthy), and a 20 meals plan (basically, you cook once and have dinners for the month!).  The Premium Membership, which is what I used, also allows you to have access to more recipes and to make a custom meal plan that is perfect for your family.  What I actually did was to use the custom meal plan maker for what I got on sale! For example, I got a great deal on ground beef, so I was able to use the custom meal plan maker to select ground beef only meals, (you can also select only chicken or only pork chops) and then I prepped everything:

 And I was able to make several tasty freezer meals all in one night! I liked that I was able to change the number of servings (with my hubby’s meal plan he needs 8 ounces of protein with dinner, so I picked a larger number of servings than a family of 4 or 5 would normally need).  Once you download your meal plan, you get the EASIEST set of directions ever.  The recipes, shopping list, and how to assemble your meals in the most efficient way are printed out.  You can opt to assemble by recipe (so you’ll make one dish from start to finish) or by ingredient (so you’ll chop all the bell peppers you need for every recipe you’ve selected, brown all the beef you need for every recipe you’ve selected, etc.) I opted to prepare by ingredient, and I thought that it worked really well! I had my kids helping me in the kitchen this day, and I think that it would have gotten really confusing if each of the 4 of us had been trying to finish a recipe from start to finish while getting in each other’s way, whereas assigning each kid an ingredient to deal with helped us to work together as a team. Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}
Your FreezEasy kit also has labels for your finished recipes so that when you put them in the freezer, you’ll know what they are! Typically, I have a full sized freezer in my garage, but after 12 years in my house (and it was a “hand me down” from my uncle!) it kicked the bucket shortly after I made all these new freezer meals, so I called my mom, who, thankfully, has an extra freezer in her basement, and I was able to save my freezer meals AND my homemade jelly. 

No matter what your family likes to eat, you can enjoy the meal plans on MyFreezEasy.  I happen to really like the option to take advantage of grocery store sale prices on meat and decide what to make from there, but the choice is really up to you!! If you need a bunch of ready-to-go crock pot meals, then go with that! Or, go for the premium membership and really mix and match to meet your needs. If you’re ready to join, check it out here!! (Note, this is an affiliate link, so it does give me credit) Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy} Freezer Meal Plan Membership {MyFreezEasy}

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