Review: Kidstirs Box

Savannah and I did a review today! I actually love all the “box of the month” clubs, and this one is from Foodstirs which offers cooking kits for your mini chef.  
We got the Mother’s Day Box, which sells for $29.99 and includes some of the materials you’ll need to make cranberry scones, a craft project, and a cardboard baking pan and directions to make a quiche. 
The flour, sugar, and dried cranberries we received were all organic.  The salt and baking powder were not.  In the picture are the color directions, which were fairly easy to follow, although they don’t specifically tell you to add the milk and vanilla to the mixture- which my very literal first grader got mad at me about doing! 
We had to add our own milk, butter, and vanilla.  Savannah opted to add some mini chocolate chips, which, who am I to argue? First we mixed everything together, then we put some of the flour down on the board to form a circle.

 The other recipe card comes with directions to make another recipe and a disposable baking ban, but no ingredients.  We saved it for later.

 After we got the scones in the oven, I was lamenting the fact that there was no parchment paper.  But there was.  It was just folded in with the craft! My fault- should’ve checked a little closer! The craft is a mother’s day card, which Savannah took from me so she could make it “as a surprise” with daddy.

Here are our finished “scones”.  They were more like an extra soft cookie biscuit than what I consider a true scone, but they weren’t horrible. They weren’t necessarily great, but they weren’t necessarily horrible, either. 
Unfortunately, this wasn’t my favorite kit.  Measuring out of the packets of ingredients was very cumbersome, and nothing is pre-measured. If I need a cup and a half of flour, I’d rather just do it out of my canister, rather than trying to pour it out of a small plastic baggie.  Additionally, this isn’t an “all inclusive” kit.  You’ll still need any dairy or fresh products.  Really, the value of what we got (2ish cups of flour, 1/2 cup of sugar, 2 T baking powder, 1/3 cup cranberries, and maybe 1T of salt) comes out to about $4-5, being generous for the organics.  I could measure all those things out of my existing supplies at home. 

However, I do love the box idea.  I think this would be a fun gift for a grammy to send to a grandchild that lives far away.  Getting mail is always fun, and the directions were easy to follow.  If you don’t bake often and keep supplies in your house, then this could work well for you, too.  Preschool aged kids would like the short number of steps and if you order a subscription, you get a bandana, too.

However, Savannah liked cooking with mom- and really, that’s all that matters 🙂

Have you tried Kidstirs? What are your thoughts?