Review: Hylton Performing Arts Center Amazing Max

amazingmaxMy three boys and I had the most magical time at the Hylton Performing Arts Center Summer Series featuring “The Amazing Max”, a traveling magician. He was charismatic, hilarious, and he engaged the audience young children to pre-teens and even the adults. Throughout the entire performance, “The Amazing Max” would pull kids from the audience to assist in his tricks, and in each case, the entire audience would chip in to help out.

Getting into the Hylton Center for Performing Arts was fast and easy. There is plenty of parking on site, and there are plenty of seats available to sit close to the stage. I would highly recommend checking out the last performance of the summer on July 23rd, the Jabali African Acrobats.



With my kids getting older and not enjoying some of the younger-focused activities in the county, Shayna is a regular guest poster on PwcMoms giving fresh perspective for families with younger kids.