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I teach the cooking side of home ec for my kids and another family, but I’ve never really used a curriculum for it, so I was excited to try Homeschool Legacy‘s once a week micro study for Cooking up History with the Founding Presidents.  This great series has some other fun options, which would be great to use during one of the upcoming school breaks- such as Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims or Christmas Comes to America.  Here’s the one that we used:

Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}

So you might be wondering what a “micro study” is- and it’s basically a short unit lesson on a particular topic.  It’s fun when you have a little extra pocket of time- for example, if soccer just ended and you have an extra hour in your day- or when you want to fit in something special for a holiday or a special interest that your child has. Each week includes a recipe that goes along with one of four presidents.  

Week 1- Cherry Pie/George Washington

Week 2- Apple Pan Dowdy/John Adams

Week 3- Macaroni and Cheese/Thomas Jefferson

Week 4- Thomas Jefferson’s Vanilla Ice Cream/James Adams

The lessons are easy to follow, with facts about each president and easy-to-follow meal prep guides so that you ensure you have the materials that you need. 

 Now my little kitchen crew consists of two young elementary students, one middle elementary student, and a fifth grade and a sixth grader.  That’s a pretty big span of kids to keep interested in what you’re doing.  And if you don’t keep them interested:

They make faces like this 😉 Now, we’d made macaroni and cheese already, and the other foods really qualify for baking class (which their mom, the pastry chef, teaches) but once I went through the lessons, I really got a feel for the format and could even look up other presidents to use so that we continue to get a little presidential history with our weekly cooking lessons! My kids especially loved that there were so many sweet options, and repeating macaroni and cheese is never going to be an issue in our house!  

My kids like both cooking and history, so this was a hit in my house! I would have liked to see a few more interesting recipes (although nothing too left field) rather than family favorites, but did enjoy the options provided.  Also, I enjoyed using this as an online resource so that links were easy to follow.  There are many suggestions for how you could link from the cooking micro study to other studies, which would be a fun way to keep your child learning after you’ve slurped up your last bite of ice cream.  

Once-a-Week Studies {Homeschool Legacy}

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