Review: Disney on Ice Presents Road Trip Adventures!

DOI-242X227-36003f2adffront rowWe’ve been going to Disney on Ice for years, and we always love it, but this year, we actually got to sit up front first row and I have to say, it was even more amazing. I’m not sure what we did to deserve such a special treat- but I didn’t realize how neat it would be to be so close! I can now say that every seat is a good seat, and they definitely work hard to include every row in the fun with pictures on the big “photo album” screens and hosts that work the entire arena, but being closer was a magical experience.

I feel like my daughter, now 11, is something of a Disney on Ice aficionado, so after watching the show, I wanted to ask her what she thought first.

“I didn’t like the theme.”screens

WHAT?? We were on the front row! There were people spinning from cages above the ice! PEOPLE RODE BMX BIKES ON FROZEN WATER!! There was fire! And fireworks! You didn’t like the theme????

“It’s just not realistic to take a road trip from England to Arabia to Africa to America.”

So….you’re willing to suspend belief for talking toys, genies in bottles, Mary Poppins, a princess who makes talking snowmen, but a magical car- too far?

everybody's there“I just thought it should have been a Disney Cruise. They have those, you know- and at the end, they could offer a Disney Cruise drawing for a free Disney Cruise.”

This is because your friend’s mom just became a Disney Vacation Planner, isn’t it?



My daughter, y’all.

But, car ride aside- we LOVED everything. The performances are amazing. The skaters are very talented and the use of the space is like a dream. There are people above the ice, on the ice, up and down the stairs, it’s amazing how immersive an experience Feld is able to make each performance. Be sure to check it out at Eagle Bank Arena- the magic and the memories are definitely worth the short drive to Fairfax! It’s a great Disney Experience without all that flying to Florida!

Who’s there? Well, to name a few favorites- Mary Poppins Returns, the new Genie and Aladdin, all the princesses, Forky, Simba, the Incredibles, Mickey, Minnie, Moana, Elsa and Anna, Donald Duck, Goofy, Olaf, and more!