Review: Cozyphones

20728203_1509815249041681_7428755252404589886_nEeep!! Check out these adorable soft headphones from CozyPhones!!

The children’s size is snug on my 9 year old- so I would go adult size if your child is any older- but they’re so CUTE!!

As you all know, I am a little unicorn-obsessed.  If you don’t know the joke, when I was first diagnosed, an oncologist told me that sometimes it takes awhile to correctly diagnose someone with a rare disease because in medical school they teach you “When you hear neigh, think horse, not zebra.” and that I was a zebra.  A friend insisted I should call him back and inform him I was not a zebra, I was a magical unicorn, and so it stuck.

My daughter is less unicorn-obsessed, but loves anything baby blue, so we both got to win.  These headphones are not wireless, but are super comfortable, don’t go INSIDE your child’s ears (huge plus for me) and are even comfortable lying down or resting your head on something (ex- in the car).  I would love a pair of these to run in- my ear buds always slip out, and I love the combination of headband and music for my workouts!

Head over to the Cozyphones website for more colors and styles or over to our facebook page, where we’ll be giving a pair away!

Disclaimer: These headphones were provided for free in exchange for our review.  All opinions are my own.