Review: The Bouqs

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was invited to check out a relatively new floral company called “The Bouqs“, which several of you mentioned having seen on Shark Tank.  They invited me to check out a bouquet and share a little about the process with you guys.

On their website, they operate with the idea that “Sending online flowers sucks” and they’ve worked to streamline the process for you.  Pick the flowers you like from the side of a volcano, schedule delivery- but know it takes at least 6 days, pay, and boom.  Alternatively, you can select flowers from California for faster delivery. Flowers arrive 5 days after being cut, and Bouqs farmers are provided with living wages, healthcare, childcare, and education benefits.  I’m into ethical business, so I think that’s really cool.

 I was a little nervous when my Bouq arrived because the package was pretty damaged and I wasn’t sure how long it had been on my porch.  My son was smart enough to point out that if the flowers grew on a tropical volcano, they probably wouldn’t be bothered by a little Virginia heatwave.  He’s a sharp one, that kid.

 Inside the flowers were well wrapped and didn’t seem at all damaged by whatever got the box.

A little info card on the business practices of the Bouqs company.

The flowers came in two bundles, which I washed, gave a fresh cut, and took off a few outer leaves before arranging in my own vase.

The flowers come with this weird gel goop on them, which I assume is to keep them hydrated during shipping.  The kids wanted to know where they could get more of that gel for the purposes of having a goo fight. 

 It’s a little weird sending flowers to yourself.  What do you write on the card? What can you possibly say to yourself? I went with “Stay Awesome”, mainly because that was what the shirt my 7-year-old was wearing said the day I ordered.  The Bouqs offers several “occasions” and I picked “Talk Like a Pirate Day” but I don’t think that my card looks any more pirate-y than normal.


 Here are my flowers all outer-petals removed and trimmed to fit my vase.  I am not a florist, but I play one on the internet!! These flowers arrived on July 23rd….

And this is them before I went to bed last night (July 28).  The yellow roses opened up really well and are gorgeous.  The peach ones, for whatever reason, all drooped over and aren’t happy.  I think tomorrow when I change the water I’m going to pull them out. Grower Direct (the first people to come up on a Google search) says that cut roses should last an average of 4-12 days in a vase, so they seem to be right on target.
You can check out The Bouqs for your flower needs, and they also have a contest going on right now to win free flowers for 6 months- check it out! 
Disclaimer: I was provided with free flowers in order to complete this review.  Yes, I really picked “Talk Like a Pirate Day” as my occasion.  I’m weird. If you guys haven’t figured that out by now, I really don’t know how to help you.  Tell your husband to buy you flowers to help make up for this startling new revelation.  Oh, and make sure he tries out a random holiday, too, so we can all be funny together.