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My boys don’25591982_1628954260461112_254988479356469978_nt really complain that most of the blogger events I’ve gone to the last year have been more for their sister than for them, but they’ve definitely noticed.  At 14 and 11, they’re not really interested in things like Disney on Ice anymore, but they are definitely interested in food. So, when Bonefish Grill invited us out to try some of their new winter specials, the boys were elated.  Bonefish isn’t typically open for lunch, but is during the holidays, so we took advantage of Daddy being off work and headed out for a very heavy lunch (and cereal for dinner!).  The Gainesville location is lovely with lots of space and a nice ambiance- plus Bonefish takes reservations, something that is hard to find in PWC! This gives you the ability to actually have a table waiting for you, which is perfect if you’re trying to see people for the holidays- you want to spend your time with your family and friends having fun, not sitting on a bench or shivering in the cold waiting for a table.



We started our meal with bread and pesto oil dipping sauce and an order of Bang Bang Shrimp, which my husband tells me is the signature Bonefish Grill item.  Here’s where I have to confess up front that I am not much of a seafood person.  I didn’t grow up eating it, and it’s never really grown on me- but that sauce on the shrimp? I’d eat it again.



25659473_1628954410461097_8350224607545078366_nFor lunch, everyone got to pick their own thing.  My daughter had a vast array of items to choose from on the kids menu, but she opted to split a meal with me- and I’m glad she did because the meals were large- and we shared the Lily’s Chicken, which had goat cheese, artichoke hearts, and lemon basil sauce (bottom left).  My husband tried on of their seasonal specials, the George’s Bank Sea Scallops (top left), which had a bacon bourbon reduction that was amazing.  My older son went for the Oscar Mahi Mahi, another seasonal special, with crab and grilled tuna, and my younger son went for the Tilapia Imperial- which basically had all the things, fish, crab, shrimp, and lemon caper butter to top it off. Everything was delicious, and everyone was full, even those of us that shared a meal!



Just because we were full, though, doesn’t mean we couldn’t share dessert.  Especially since they had creme brulee on the menu, which used to be “our thing” for me and my husband.  We opted to order that along with a piece of key lime pie and share around the table.  For the five of us, with appetizers, drinks, dinners, and desserts, our meal came to around $140.  While that’s definitely not an everyday lunch type of meal, for a special holiday celebration, or for a nice family meal out celebrating, I would definitely go again.  I think that it would also be a perfect place for a date night- just the two of us.  Be sure to check out their website for specials, like a Tuesday night prix fixe option and Wednesday nights when that Bang Bang Shrimp is just $6!



Disclosure: Bonefish Grill invited us to come and enjoy a meal on them, but all opinions are my own.  Your experience may vary- especially if you don’t order creme brulee, but honestly, why would you make bad choices like that?

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