Resources for 9/11

Talking to your children about 9/11 can be really daunting.  I can’t believe that it’s been so many years since that horrible day- but it definitely continues to shape the world our children live in.  If you’re trying to determine how to talk to your children about what happened that day, here are some resources.

9-11 Memorial Foundation “Talk to Your Children About 9-11”

Parents Magazine “How to Talk about 9/11 With Your Kids”

Psychology Today “Talking with Children About 9/11”

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood “Look for the Helpers”

22 Prince William County residents were among those who lost their lives on 9/11 and the event and all those who perished are remembered annual during a brief ceremony at the Liberty Memorial.  You can find the memorial between Prince William Parkway and James J. McCoart Administration Building.  This year the ceremony will be on September 11th at 1pm.

For those who are interested, September 11th is also the National Day of Service and Rememberance, and you can locate volunteer opportunities here. 

How do you remember 9/11, and what (if anything) do you share with your children?