Readers Recommend: Teen Therapists 2019

We have an older readers recommend (find it here) from 2012 related to this, but since there was a lot that came up with a recent reader request, I wanted to do a new post. Please note, this post is NOT medical advice, I haven’t personally vetted these people, it’s just a landing page for other people’s opinions. Please take them with a grain of salt. It’s been  my experience that finding the right therapist for your child has more to do with how the child engages with the therapist than anything, but that could be wrong, too.

Original Reader Request: Does anyone have a recommendation for therapists in the area who specialize with teens who are struggling with abandonment and attachment issues? 

  • May or may not be what you’re looking for (it’s not a replacement for therapy but is a good addition)… The Landing in Lorton/Fairfax Station is a free program for teens dealing with anger, depression, divorce, whatever makes their lives hard as a teen. Open to middle and high schoolers. Tuesday nights at 7pm.
  • Dr. Gohar Choudhary is amazing with teens and adults.
  • Center for Attachment and Trauma Therapy
  • I don’t. But Neurofeedback therapy is an option. Check it out on YouTube. We see Dr. Carlton in Manassas.
  • Erin Daly in Springfield. I believe it is the center for trauma and attachment. We took our foster daughter there for services.
  • Christopher Haley at Psychology & Lifeskill associates in Woodbridge
  • My daughter sees dr Brian Levine at the same place, I recommend him too.
  • Dr. Cindy Agbayani and Family Teamworks – she is an attachment specialist in Woodbridge.
  • Youth for Tomorrow is amazing with all kinds of issues. (Followed by a commenter stating: I disagree. I went there and they haven’t even heard of reactive attachment disorder. They were kind. But no help)
  • Have you tried the community service board, same issues with my son except it has esculated. He has been at mesh. Since Dec.
  • Sara Caparelli at psychology and lifeskill associates in Woodbridge
  • Mount Vernon family therapy associates in Alexandria
  • Kellar Center in Fairfax specializes with adolescents
  • Bridge To Balance Can’t say enough good things about them!!
  • Emily Horten is in Manassas and is fantastic
    I have 2 friends who have children who go/went here and highly recommend it.
  • Phoenix Counseling Group
  • Indelible Changes LLC in Montclair!
  • Meagan Hale Radcliffe I’m a licensed professional counselor at Family Insight in Manassas, and we have several great therapists with experience in attachment, depression, and disruptive behaviors 571-208-0592