Readers Recommend: Marriage Counselors

We had a reader request for a good marriage counselor in Prince William County.  Good work asking- marriage is hard, but it’s worth the work!! Obviously I have not tried all of these, and you should always check your insurance benefits before booking.

have heard great things about Prince William Family Counseling.
They have several offices around NOVA. God Bless those referees!
–I don’t like PWFC either. I tried several times to get help from them with other things They are mean on the phone and told me to look else where.
would go against pwfc. I was in contact with them for my son and even
the basic contact from the receptionist and one of their therapists was
unprofessional and nasty.

*The preist at the catholic church always helps.

*Dr. Carol Walsh with Life In Balance.
*I agree with Dr. Walsh!!! 

*Pastoral Counseling. There used to be a counselor named Becky (can’t remember her last name) and she was really good!

* Also in Tackett’s Mill Janine Cosentino! She is absolutely wonderful (703) 490-3210

* I am a marriage therapist in Manassas, you can look me up at And I would actually advise against PW Fam counseling, unless you have a good name of someone specific there…

* Occoquan counseling center

* I
have heard nothing but wonderful things from several sources about Dr.
Paul Jenkins. He’s based in the west, but works with people all over the

* Therapy and Life Counseling on Hereford Rd (Dale City area) 

* My son uses phoenix family counseling. They have an office is Gainesville and woodbridge. I’ve been nothing but impressed.

* Richard A. David he’s in Manassas and Old town Alexandria 703-541-6270…. He’s awesome! 

All recommendations are freely offered by readers.  Your needs and preferences may vary.  Have a recommendation to add? Leave a comment!