Readers Recommend: Child Therapists/Family Therapists

Looking for a therapist in Prince William County for who’s kid-friendly? Here’s what our readers recommend!

Dr. Boosalis
Phoenix Family Counseling 
             -Another recommendation for Phoenix.  Very Highly Recommend.
             -Phoenix Child and Family Counseling.  They all specialize in play therapy and are excellent.  They are in
                 Gainesville, Heritage Hunt
             -We go to Phoenix Family Counseling, too. My daughter loves it there and can’t wait to go see Ms. Sue.
 Psychological and Life Skills Associates (Minnieville and the Parkway)
              -Dr. Michael Shellsmith
Fran Herron
Sylvia Haydash Manassas.  Super.

PwcMoms has not tried nor do they endorse any of these doctors.  These are re-posted from reader recommendations posted to Facebook.  Please use your best judgement and ensure your insurance participates with the doctor you select for your family.  PwcMoms is not responsible for injury, malpractice, or negative experiences with any counselor you choose.