Readers Recommend: Bad Weather Fun

So we all made it relatively unscathed by Frankenstorm, thank God.  As we go about the next few days, please keep an ear out for opportunities to help those who were not so fortunate.  The pictures of New York and New Jersey are heartbreaking.

Photo Credit: The Washington Post.  Check out their storm coverage here

Also, if you’re of the praying persuasion, you could continue to offer petitions on behalf of the first responders and National Guard who will be continuing to pick up the pieces today.

In the meantime, it’s mushy and grey outside, which means that we’ve all got to keep our kiddos happy inside.  Well, almost all of us- some of us are going to make them do schoolwork anyway because we’re mean horrible people sent here to ruin their childhoods responsible homeschoolers.

I asked yesterday what you guys recommended to beat the weather-based blues, and here’s what you guys sent me:

For the Adults:
*Poker tournament with the neighbors
*Online Shopping
*Wine is a great idea!
Sounds like you guys rather enjoy your vino.

In the Kitchen:
*Baking- apple pie,
*Make Stone Soup
*Fresh Ice Cream Sandwiches with homemade cookies (hey, Beth! You sent a picture!! Email me your address and I’m mailing you something cool.)

Kickin’ it Frankenstorm-Style

With the Kids:
*Reading books
*Stacking the tea lights
*Glow Bracelet War
*Indoor Tent

For Those Who Like to Live Dangerously:
(If you don’t have little ears around and aren’t easily offended, I tend to agree with Dane Cook’s assessment of monopoly- but he does drop an f-bomb, so watch out.)

Bonus Points To:
Jennifer Peterson Singh who did a whole Pinterest Board! I’ve got a PwcMoms one, too, but that’s not news.

Thanks for sharing what you did this Frankenstorm!