Potomac Mills Mall Kidgits and the Virginia Play Area

Before you read the following post, I have to apologize for my absolutely abominable iPhone pictures.  Here’s the deal, folks, I am not a good enough mom to carry my camera.  I can admit that.  I have three kids and two hands, and one of them is not getting a Kodak, because that leaves me even MORE outnumbered than I was to start with.

I’m pretty sure the only nice pictures we have of our kids since my second child was born are from my awesome friends who do carry their cameras, and from professional photographers (love you guys!).  However! That being said, please always multiply the “cool factor” of anything I’ve photographed by about 5.  Thanks.  Also, thank you to the very nice people who let me take their pictures at these events and are not at all creeped out by the lady with a cell phone and a media pass.  I think it’s the business cards.  They make me look legit 🙂 If you’d like some professional pictures- check out Mary Davidson’s from PotomacLocal.com

As I’ve mentioned several times, I am a native Prince Williamite.  That’s a technical term, which you’d know if you were also born and raised in the P-W-C. Not everyone can be this complacent in one place for so long, so if you didn’t know, now you do 😉
Another thing you’d know if you were a true local, is that we don’t like being looked down on by people from Fairfax who think they’re cooler than us just because they’ve got carousels at their fancy pants playgrounds, and Wegmans and Trader Joes and P.F. Changs and play areas in their malls. Also, they’ve got Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. Listen, outlet shopping is just smart. So, there.  Plus, we have a 24-hour Walmart.  What’s up, Fairfax?
As such, I have immensely enjoyed watching our county change over the last decade.  I love that you can still find farms, but I also love checking things off the list of reasons people from Fairfax refuse to admit that PWC is a viable place to live or raise kids.  
Most recently, Potomac Mills has checked a few items off my list, adding a “Fashion District” with places like Banana Republic, Victoria’s Secret, J.Crew, and Abercrombie and Fitch.  If I wasn’t on a stay-at-home mommy budget….
They also added an indoor play area at the “Grand Court”, which is at the beginning of the “Fashion District” section! Hahaha Fairfax! Plus, ours is educational! We were able to go join the Potomac Mills Kidgits for the grand opening celebration of the new play area, which featured a concert from Rocknoceros, cupcakes, and 300some of your closest friends! I love a great kid friendly event that’s local Prince William County!!
 Oh, hello everyone cool! How nice that we can all hang out at the mall together!  Kidgits is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy free entertainment.  Join the Kidgits club for some great extra perks! It’s only $5 and your child gets special treats at Kidgits meetings, a shirt, and spins on the prize wheel every time you shop!

When you’re a big brother and home schooled, you sometimes have to hang out at little kid events.  Cupcakes and a hat help you to up your “cool” factor.

I love that there is a small tucked away section with games perfect for toddlers to play with.  It’s nice when someone thinks of details like that!

The theme of the play area is Virgina- so there are several historical landmarks shown, as well as the “landscape” on the floor featuring labels of prominent water features.

Here’s a view from outside the play area coming in.  To the right, there are benches that wrap around for parents, caregivers, or kids in time out. Under the benches are shoe cubbies.  You know, for shoes that are in time out.

The state bird, a cardinal, makes an appearance, as do natural resources like the blue crab. The tree slide, in the picture above, is George Washington’s Cherry Tree.

For parking purposes, the TJ Maxx entrance is a good idea 🙂

Thanks to Potomac Mills Mall for making Prince William County even more kid friendly! 
Disclaimer: I was not provided with any material goods or services in return for writing this article, although the very nice Kidgits people did hook me up with some chairs so that I could run around and interview people and keep my kids where I could see them.  All opinions are my own.  No one from Fairfax was injured in the writing of this article.  If you’re from Fairfax, I still like you.  Some of my best friends are Fairfax people, when they’re not hating on Prince William 🙂