Playskool Playdate

Note: Local Mom Debbi attended the same high school as me, and was kind enough to attend the Playskool Playdate at Top of the Town in Arlington for me since my kids are a little too old! She has three children, ages 4, 2.5, and 6 months. Here she shares a little about the toys and experience.  You can find more of Debbi’s writing on her blog or follow her on Instagram.
Instead of lounging around the house on this rainy morning,
we got to test out new toys at the Playskool Playdate in Arlington, VA.  I knew the girls would enjoy themselves but
baby Matthew (6m) seemed to have the most fun. 
There was tons to do for the infant / toddler age
group.  A variety of Elmo toys were
available and they were all approved by Matthew – the big eyes and squishy hands
and feet were a hit.  Cailin (age 2) also
enjoyed the Sesame Street Talking ABC Elmo. 
Elmo’s guitar was a fun prop for the girls and Matthew was happy to use
it as a teether.  The Shapes ‘n Colors
Turtle was bright and loud and Matthew could operate it on his own (always a
plus).  His favorite toy seemed to be the
Stack n Spin Monkey Gears. 
The toys were all available on a foam ABC mat which was
inviting but as soon as kids began to pull apart the letters, choking hazards
were everywhere.  This was a smaller
version of the ABC foam mat often seen in play areas. 
Many older toys were re-presented in new ways:
– Glow worms (Matthew snuggled one in the stroller as I reminisced about my old
green glow worm …from times of yore)
– Mr Potato Heads- with super hero capes and transformer pieces (Mixable
Mashable Heroes)
– Ele-fun ball poppers – looked similar to the original, minus the flimsy trunk
that always collapsed

Charlotte (4) and Cailin (2.5) were enthralled with the
balloon maker, the face painter, and the fried macaroni and cheese balls.  Many of the preschool aged toys were targeted
towards boys: Transformers, Spiderman (figurines and cars), and Marvel Super
Heroes.  My girls stopped to give these
toys a quick look but moved on quickly. 
They were hoping for something representing Elsa and Anna (what
preschool girl isn’t?). 
Juice boxes and hot dogs proved to be a success at lunch but
the toddler chairs and tables were shaky at best.  I think they’re made to disassemble for
storage which has its perks… but it wouldn’t be long before one of my squirmy
kids would be crying on the floor. 

We had a very fun morning and are very excited about the
swag we got to bring home!  Thanks for
sharing the opportunity with us Kristina!