Pinterest Challenge Party

As I shared on Facebook, last night I hosted a Pinterest Challenge Party.  The rules were very simple.  We’d meet up on the chosen night, and everyone would bring either a new Pinterest recipe or a new Pinterest craft prepared for everyone to make.  The theme was fall including Halloween/Thanksgiving/Leaves and Pumpkins.

Now I actually enjoy party planning, but if you don’t, you’d love a Pinterest Challenge Party because I barely did anything! I provided the venue, and some minor decor, but everyone brought everything else, and then left with it, too! Cleanup was only about an hour!

To get ready, I did make a few quick and easy things:

 These are Mason Jar Sippy Cups (Pinterest Straws optional) and goody bags for everyone to tote home their creations and recipe cards.

 And this is just a board for everyone to “Pin” up what they made from Pinterest so we know who to blame when we’re having our 4th helping of White Pizza Dip or Pumpkin Pie Dip….or Frito Salad….or apple crisp.  So really everything was good.  Then came the crafting.  PwcGrandma always likes to be an over-achiever, so she prepped fence post pumpkins.  Everyone’s turned out different, but they all came out super cute!!  I love how each one has a unique personality. If your neighbors ever replace their fence, you should snag their posts to do this craft!

 My “girlfriend in law” Lauren (she’s been dating my brother forever) is a huge candle fan and brought her Mia Bella Candles for everyone to smell, along with bringing a cute votive craft that was SO simple! We used clear votives and mod podge to create designs with fresh leaves.  The one on the far left is just the leaves, the two closer to the right have torn tissue paper, too.

 The very fabulous Keisha Herbin Smith came with a Stampin Up card project that made everyone want to run out and buy a big shot to cut and emboss their paper with.  Luckily, Christmas is coming.  🙂  If you’re feeling a little craft envy reading this post, you can click on the link attached to Keisha’s name and head over to her blog for details on her stamp camp for this month, which is on Tuesday- $15 covers all of your supplies and this month she’s making scrapbook pages! Super cute!

Keisha also brought a crafty friend to the party, who I instantly recognized from Recollections.  Sigh.  I miss Recollections so much!! Tessa brought these adorable turkeys, which I need to make more of so that I can use them as place cards for Thanksgiving Dinner!!

Please ignore the sick child in the background and focus on the Turkey.  So Cute!!  I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did- this was the strangest party I’ve ever thrown because everyone was so QUIET!! They were either busy eating or busy crafting! The party was supposed to run from 6-10, but almost everyone was late because they were pulling something out of the oven, so I’d say that 7-10 works just fine for the number of crafts we did, although the pumpkin fence posts do require drying time, and so did the votives.

Have you ever had a Pinterest Party? What’s your favorite new pin? And, most importantly, are you following PwcMoms on Pinterest?