On Superpowers

Did anyone else out there have Supermom raise them? I know I did.  My mother was the Sunday School teacher, girl scout leader, softball coach, room mom, volunteer coordinator, work-from-home full time but still make every field trip, home cooked meal each night with a perfectly clean house wonder that I wish I could be.

For my birthday one year, she hooked me up with this:

Yup.  Thanks mom.

I spend a lot of my time torturing myself to make 300 homemade cupcakes because I signed up for a birthday party, Valentine’s Party, Club meeting, and another Valentine’s Party all in a 4 day spread.  Buy them? Heck, no.  Supermom doesn’t buy cupcakes.

I spend even more time scouring homeschool blogs for ideas and then smacking myself in the head wondering why I didn’t think of such an awesome idea!  President Guess Who?? I threw out our board after we lost all the inserts!! Darn it! Supermom doesn’t throw-out! She repurposes!

I’m sure you have obsessions, too.  Whether it’s cleaning like your mom did or cooking like Giada does or educating like Maria Montessori wishes she could, we all think there are things we have to be and fall short on.

This morning, a friend noticed I’d broken my own rule and showed up to drop my daughter off at preschool in my pajama pants.  “PAJAMA day?? Get it together Supermom!” was what I got in the hallway.  Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s pretty funny- but the bigger picture was that even though I don’t think I’m supermom, someone does.  The women I consider to be “supermom” routinely deny that they’re doing an awesome job.

I wonder if we’re all a little to hard on ourselves and focused on other people and why we should do it like them, rather than realizing that in some small way, we’re all supermom.

What’s your superpower?