On Simplicity

Sometimes I think that we make things too complicated.

Have you ever thought that?  Thought that maybe we spend so much time and energy on making sure that our kids are happy or perhaps entertained that we completely overlook the fact that little ones have their own definition of happy and entertained if we’ll just let them foster it.

I had a lovely reminder of that fact on Wednesday afternoon.

Dropping my eldest off at his afternoon class, we noticed a tree whose roots circled around in a semi-circle.  All my 5 year old and recently turned 4 year old wanted was to sit inside the magical root circle and have their snack from the car.

“It’s a lovely afternoon momma.” said the 5 year old.

Wouldn’t they rather go to the park? We could drive somewhere.  Would they rather go home and get a few toys?

No.  They’d rather sit in the circle made by the roots and feel the grass in their toes and enjoy the beauty around them.

Sometimes I think we make things too complicated, because sitting on the ground and having some Teddy Grahams really was a perfect afternoon.

In the flurry of activities and classes and calendar activities, all of which I clearly love sharing with you, I hope that you also take a moment to remember how nice it can be to just be.  To sit and enjoy the breeze and the blooming flowers, to sip blue gatorade in the shade, to build with blocks instead of robots, to bask in the sunshine without an organized sport.

Even if we love the complicated, sometimes being reminded of the simple can be lovely.