Off the Wagon

A few of you have emailed me to ask how my Max Muscle plan is going.


So the last two weeks I have lost all the progress I made.  I hurt my back and haven’t been running (or doing anything) and I’ve had sick kids/husband/self, and then I had visiting family.  Totally off the wagon.  However, Monday is a new day- and almost everyone is better.  It’s frustrating for me because 1) I have to admit that I’m not doing well and 2) Because I hate letting myself backslide.  It’s great to have someone emailing me with a gentle nudge that I missed a check-in (Corry from Max Muscle) and it’s great to have people reminding me they’re watching….sooo….tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be better.  I feel better and more energized when I’m doing it right, so I just have to keep going.