New Healthier Breakfast Items at Chick-Fil-A

You guys know that I love CFA.  I love the unsweet tea with lemon, I love the home office, I love the cows, I love the Chick Fil A Sauce….pretty much everything! So, I was super excited when I got an invitation to come out and try some new menu items!

 Here’s a tray of the new options- there’s the hash brown scramble burrito and bowl, the egg white grill bowl, and the egg white grill muffin.  I know what you’re thinking- I also wanted to sprinkle some parsley on the plate 😉 There’s salsa available for any of these to add a little color!

 Here’s the Berry Protein Blend.  Several of the women at my table ordered full size drinks of this.
Berry Protein Blend:  This “on-the-go” beverage is packed with
protein and vitamins. It’s made with ancient grains, chia, mixed berries
and yogurt (with live & active cultures). It’s hand-spun with a
portion of Icedream® for a thick and creamy texture and topped with a
crunchy, honey brown sugar granola.

There’s the hash brown scramble, this time in burrito form.  I really like the jalapeño salsa that they offer as a condiment here.
Hash Brown Scramble Burrito or Bowl (with Chicken or Sausage):  Made
fresh each morning, these are a hearty morning meal of sliced
Chick-fil-A nuggets or sausage, crispy hash browns, scrambled eggs and a
blend of Monterey jack and cheddar cheeses. It’s all rolled in a warm
flour tortilla or served in a convenient bowl and served with jalapeño

I cannot lie to you guys, this egg white muffin was the thing I was most excited about because it meets my eating plan guidelines for breakfast…but I didn’t love it.  However, I do love that it’s a healthy option and I have it available to me, even if it’s not my new favorite thing on earth.

This isn’t new, it’s the greek yogurt parfait, which  I’ve actually never had before.  I think this was my favorite thing I had all day.  It’s 230 calories, 12 grams of protein for a full-sized serving.

Chilli Amar from WashFM was our hostess for the day, and she was super sweet.  We were up at the 7 Corners CFA location, which I hadn’t been to before.  The location and staff were all exactly what I expect from Chick-Fil-A, clean location, friendly, attentive staff, and a good time had by all.  After we tried the new breakfast items they brought out some old favorites- 

 If this isn’t what you’re serving as an appetizer this football season, you need to get your hors d’oeuvres game back on point. 
 Kale Superfood Salad!! I love this stuff!! 

This is Chilli Amar talking to us, but what I really like this picture for his the back of my head.  My curls look really good from the back.  This has nothing to do with food, but….I mean, I couldn’t leave it off….so focus on Chilli and just pretend my vanity had nothing to do with this picture.  Okay, fine…here’s what it looked like from the front so you can appreciate me loving the back so much.

#NotAsCute (But these ladies are!) 

Thanks to the CFA 7 Corners for having us out, Khoury PR for putting the whole group together and, to the photographer who got much better shots than me 🙂 Check out the new CFA Breakfast items at a store near you and enjoy a fast, ready-to-go breakfast that’s still healthier for you (or order sausage and hash browns, I’m not here to tell you how you want to live!)
This post was sponsored by #ChickFilADC, all opinions are my own.