Need Summer Math?

Kids lose so much of what they learned during the school year during summer vacation.  I don’t think there’s any argument there.  And, whether your child is ahead, fighting to keep up, or a little behind in math- nobody wants to slip backwards.  A summer math learning program can assist kids who need or want stronger math skills. They can be an investment, though, so you want to make sure you’re choosing the right program.

Here are some questions you should consider asking any math enrichment program you’re considering for your kiddo.

  1. Does the program depend on children saying “I need help with this,” or do they actually assess and diagnose root issues? The vast majority of tutors and programs don’t do this, and it’s important to know that a child in Algebra may actually be struggling because of a root issue with fractions, not the Algebra itself.
  2. Is it fun? I personally don’t think of math as fun, so I want to see a math program that would make ME excited. Do they do fun activities during the summer? Do they give rewards for working hard and reaching milestones? Do they build some fun into what they do each week? If you wouldn’t want to go, your kid probably won’t either.
  3. Does it fit your child’s level and pace? Be wary of programs that over promise- the summer isn’t long enough to recover a full year of math, for example, so look for workable goals and progress.
  4. Does the staff teach face-to-face or to an entire group at once? While group learning situations can be less costly, they also don’t allow for as much individualized attention to learning differences or level variation.
  5. Is there a learning plan designed just for your child? Many summer programs use a curriculum that is designed for an entire “level” rather than the individual child. Look for a program that will make the most of summer months by tailoring the curriculum to what your child—and only your child—needs.
  6. Can it work with your family’s schedule? Is it flexible enough that you can get in what you’re paying for and not give up on fun time with friends or family because you’re missing math days you can’t make up?
  7. Does it demand homework? It’s summer- do you really want to have to have that hanging over your head?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and shop around for the right math program so that your child is set up for success, both next year, and in the years to come.



Disclosure: This post is brought to you courtesy of Mathnasium, but all opinions are our own.