Music Lessons in Prince William County with Musically Creative

Music consumes our lives.   We get in the car, turn on the radio,
come home to music, watch American Idol and jog with our favorite tunes.
 Did you ever stop to think that at one time these artists had no
experience on their instruments or voices.   What an odd concept!  
That’s where we come in…
We train beginners
thru intermediate students how to play instruments!   You don’t have to
wait until middle school to start!  We offer young guitar (ages 7-10),
concert bands (ages 10 – adult), worship guitar (ages 10 – adult) and if there is enough interest, we will offer beginning strings or beginning
recorders.   All of our classes are taught by trained and experienced
music educators that love working with all ages!   We value music and
want to make it affordable to all and therefore we offer classes for
around $50 month.  We have multi-family member discounts as well since
many siblings or parents like to take with their kids.  For this
semester only we are offering a BOGO FREE BAND  (that would be around
$25 month each!!) for two band members (must be siblings or parents).  
are in Manassas and Gainesville and start in February, so there isn’t
much time left to register.  Some classes will fill up!   For more
details, visit today!