Minnieland at The Glen Advanced Concept Kindergarten

#21 Front Pic Amie Canter, Founder of Advanced Concepts for a Better Future, is paving the way for a positive change in education. Through local school and community partnerships, she is evolving elementary education to meet the needs of today’s generation of students. For the 2019-2020 school year, Minnieland at The Glen will be combining their initiatives for change with Advanced Concepts for a Better Future

At Minnieland at The Glen, their newly designed kindergarten classroom will have a #21 Kinder Pic 1unique Advanced Concept that will invite students to discover the possibilities of the future. In combination with high quality curriculum that meets the Virginia Standards of Learning, students will go beyond the basics with an exciting and challenging environment that will fuel their hunger for learning. Students will experience a classroom filled with rich and fulfilling class lessons that will inspire learning beyond the classroom and into the community.

For the upcoming school year, Minnieland at The Glen is excited to announce that their kindergarten Advanced Concept will be “Our World, My Community, and Me!”.

#21 Kinder Pic 2This school year, students will gain a better understanding of the world around them, experience the community we live in, and develop a greater sense of self. Students will come to know what a community truly is and how many hard-working people it takes to make it run. In addition to the many in-class and field trip opportunities that will expand their knowledge of our community, students will participate in several volunteer and charitable opportunities that will help them empathize with those in need. They will also learn how to take better care of the planet by first understanding how pollution impacts its health and learn how being more considerate and aware of their choices can make the biggest impact towards change.

#21 LobbyWith a positive learning environment that embraces each student, a committed teacher that utilizes evolved teaching methodologies, leadership staff that believe in change, and a community of professionals that are partnered for a better future, we are breaking free of the past and building a stronger future for the students we serve.



School Leadership

Elizabeth Kim is the Director at Minnieland at The Glen. Her energy and excitement about education shows throughout her school as she works to make a positive impact on both early childhood and primary education. She is thrilled to be joining the Advanced Concept family as the first Minnieland Academy to offer an Advanced Concepts Kindergarten Program.

“I am excited to offer Advanced Concepts Kindergarten to the Woodbridge Community. We have a wonderful Advanced Concept theme to offer for the 2019-2020 school year that will engage your child with the world around them. With such a vibrant community to work with, students will get hands-on with their learning and take leaps and bounds towards success. It’s going to be a great year!”

-Elizabeth Kim