Meet Micaela!!

Micaela Williamson, aka SuperNovaMommy is a member of my friends the “MamaMafia”, easily the coolest online friends I have 🙂  She’s been such a tremendous friend and supporter and I can’t say enough how glad I am that I met her!!

On her site, Micaela frequently interviews people, so I decided to flip the tables on her and interview her so you’d know who was running the site while I’m away!!

1) What toy buys you the most time to get something done? 

Definitely the train table!  It was a group gift.  My parents bought the table, my in-laws got the tracks and some trains, and my husband and I bought the drawers.  (Because nothing says “Happy Birthday” to your child more than getting him some drawers.)  We have had it for over three years, and both my kids still use it.  It depends on the day.  Sometimes it is a lego station, Radiator Springs, or just covered with their junk, but they love that train table!  

2) Where’s your favorite place in NOVA? 

Frying Pan Park Farm, hands down!  I consider myself to be their official stalker and receive email updates when baby animals are born.  My toddler and I attend “Little Hands on the Farm” classes there, and I love all the special events Frying Pan has too.  I have gotten to know some of the staff members, and they are amazing, friendly people. 

3)Have a good embarrassing kid story?

When my son (then 3) shouted in Target.  “Mommy!  You must be SO EXCITED!  They have BRAS HERE!”  About four old ladies turned around and looked at me with disgust.  

4)Adorable awwwww moment kid story to make up for the embarrassing one?

When my oldest helped me empty the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen and said “I am always going to clean up for my wife when I’m a daddy.”  Awww!  Now, go teach that to your father!

4) What makes you crazy enough to run supernovamommy? 

Um, why are there two question 4s?  I am still trying to figure this out, but I keep going because of the fun local people and businesses that I am connecting with.  

(confidential to Micaela, I’ll get you for noticing my two 4’s one day!!) 😉 

5) Your top 3 parenting advice picks 

“This too will pass.”  One day your kid WILL sleep through the night and use the potty.  I promise!

“Be consistent.”  If you said we’re leaving the park if you throw sand one more time, and your kid throws sand, then leave the park.

“If you feel frustrated, change the scenery.”  We live in an area with so many fun things for kids to do.  Just get out and have fun!
6) Shoes or jewelry?