Meet Lightning Athletics

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 10.23.45 AMThis week, we’re excited to feature Lightning Athletics. We’ve been working with Coach Monte and Coach Shanel for a few years under another label, and they are amazing people. I personally love how hard they work to lift up youth in our community.

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Let’s jump in!

How long have you been in business? What encouraged you to start this business? 
10 years – Before we started Lightning Athletics and Performance Training, we were looking for a sports facility that wasn’t just for adults — but wasn’t just for play either. And we couldn’t find one. You see, we’re all athletes at heart, having played middle school sports, club teams and more, so an average facility just wouldn’t cut it for us. So we made our own. We created a space we could be proud of, that would function as a home for youth athletes and would make training available for everyone in the community.
Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 10.24.08 AMWhat services do you provide? Are you walk in or do people need an appointment/lesson?
Services are by appointment – We offer speed, strength and conditioning for student athletes, as well as academic resources to promote being strong students
What is your favorite part about working with kids/families/moms? 
Seeing our athletes make lifelong friends. Watching our athletes gain confidence making them stronger students and athletes.
What makes you really stand out? 
Our love for the community and having a heart for youth. We’re excited to help our athletes prep for the return of sports and offer a family friendly, competitive training home.
Lightning Athletics offers Prep for Sports, Strength, Resistance & Post Physical Therapy Training. Visit them at: