Meet Huntington Learning Center Lake Ridge

This week, as part of our Business Intro Series, I was able to go and meet with Megan, the center director at Huntington Lake Ridge. This very large facility has several great options to help with your child’s education, including:Study Hall (students can bring their materials (such as laptops/tablets, headphones, notebooks, etc) and complete their virtual school day here at the center under the supervision of our certified teaching staff. We know that many families have a need for assistance in this area due to having to go into work themselves, internet connectivity issues, or student accountability, just to name a few.)

  • Subject Tutoring (students in middle/high school or adult learners – for students who are doing OK overall academically, but have one class in which they are really struggling. Most of the inquiries we get for this are in math and science classes, but we have tutors that can help in all subject areas including English, writing, history, and foreign language. Students work 1:1 with a tutor knowledgeable in the subject area of concern.)
  • Test Prep SAT/ACT/PSAT as well as others (high school and adult learners – for students preparing for formal exams such as the SAT, ACT or ASVAB. Students have individualized programs and work 1:1 with our tutors to help improve their skills, learn strategy and work through practice opportunities with the goal of meeting score goals and opening doors for their future.)
  • Learning Center (students preK-adult – for students who need overall improvement in areas such as phonics, reading comprehension, writing, study skills and math. Students work in individualized programs using our proprietary curriculum in small teacher/student ratios to help improve their foundational skills in these areas as necessary.

Megan is very serious about safety at the center and wouldn’t even let me step foot in her office until I went back and washed my hands- which is really what you want to see right now. As we talked about her experience with Huntington, she shared, “I really enjoy teaching and working with students – particularly when I get to do math with them! I love the results that I’ve seen for all different students over the years and knowing that our program really works and seeing students lives changed for the better.”

You can check out our video walk-through of the center by clicking here, but there are also some pictures of the center below.

Image-1(1)So the actual open portion of the center is very large. Typically, 4 students can sit in a learning “pod” but right now, they only do one, unless siblings would like to sit together. There were several sets of siblings the day I went in, and some opted to sit in the same learning pod, and some preferred a little more space. As a sibling myself, I feel that.

Students can also work one-on-one with a Huntington teacher in a breakout room. They use these rooms also for younger learners who have difficulty keeping their mask on while learning. The space is very clean, and they disinfect learning manipulatives and supplies regularly, and even have center pencils go in “Clean” and “Dirty” cups so they aren’t shared by students.


Here you see a sibling pair working across from each other. They are still separated in desk space and 6 feet apart.


All materials and supplies are cleaned between use. Students are instructed to wash their hands with soap and water before coming to sign in, and masks must be worn over the nose and mouth. Hand sanitizer and wipes are available throughout the center.



There are two sides of the open portion of the center with plenty of room for distancing students.



If you need some help with your child’s educational goals this year, I definitely think that Huntington has a program that will work for you. Whether you’re looking for a distance-learning solution that provides teachers to assist in-person with virtual learning, or you’re looking for help in a subject your child feels behind in, Huntington Lake Ridge would like to help! You can contact them to set up a visit and evaluation today at:

Center Website

Center Facebook

Contact Director Megan

Or call the center directly at 703-670-5289


This information was provided by Huntington Learning Center Lake Ridge, as one of our Monday Business Profiles! To feature your business, send us an email!