Meet DPGolf Academy!

Today we delve a little bit deeper with DPGolf Academy! They’ve got a GREAT giveaway coming up next week, so pay attention- you might just learn something that can help you win!! 

PwcMoms: Thanks for chatting with me today! To start off with, can you tell me a little bit about why inspired your business? 
As many of us approaching
retirement ponder, in 2008 after serving
in several capacities for 25 years with the Prince
William County Police Department, I began to think “okay, what’s next?” I had a
very rewarding career with the PWC Police Department as an officer, leader and
teacher and needed to come up with a plan for my “2nd career.” While
with the department, I had a unique opportunity to develop my teaching experience in a wide
range of disciplines, gaining extensive experience
and earning several
certifications as a physical fitness specialist and teaching professional. I designed and
coordinated the physical fitness training programs and requirements for new
officers as well as the SWAT Team. One
of the most rewarding experiences was my time at the police academy – providing
a solid foundation for success and helping new recruits reach their individual
I had played high school
golf but drifted away from the game for many years. After looking into the Professional Golf Association
of America’s certification program, I thought, “wow, what an opportunity to
combine my formal teaching experience with my love of the game.” In 2003 I
opened the DPGolf Academy in Bristow, VA. It has given me a chance to grow even
more as a business owner, professional golf instructor, and mentor to my
teaching staff and students.
PwcMoms: What’s your favorite aspect of working with children?
While I enjoy working will
all age groups and skill levels, teaching juniors is one of the most rewarding.
Kids come to the game with much enthusiasm and energy, and an open mind. That
means we have a great opportunity to get them started early on the right path
to learning the game – they tend to be more open minded and trust what we are
trying to teach them. And when they connect the dots – well, seeing that and
their smiles is the best part.
PwcMoms: What do children gain from golf? 
I think that some of the
most important things children can learn from our programs and working with me
and my staff is as teachers and mentors is proper sportsmanship, effective
problem solving, good listening and learning skills, and most importantly,
building self confidence.
PwcMoms: What all do you offer for families? Are there any programs people can do together?
Yes, we have several options
for families:
Our five-part
series is designed to bring families together through golf, and provides
significant savings. We cover course familiarization, etiquette and rules, and
basic fundamentals of the game. Schedule according to your availability.
Five – 60 Minute
Cost: $400 per

great lower cost option for couples, friends, or co-workers who want a more
tailored instructional program. Semi-private instruction is customized to the
group’s experience level and can cover any part of the game – short game,
putting, full swing, or any combination. Take single 60 minute lesson or save
on 5 lesson series. Schedule when convenient for you.
Time: 60 Minutes
Number of Students                       Cost               Series of Five
of 2                   $50 Per Student          $200
Per Student
of 3                   $45 Per Student          $175
Per Student
of 4                   $40 Per Student          $150
Per Student
This instructional
program is designed to teach you everything needed to play golf in just a few
lessons. Our PGA Professionals will show you many ways to play by combining
fun, friends and fitness. Each session focuses on the various golf skills
you’ll use while playing. In addition to learning the basics, you’ll put your
skills into action on the golf course in a casual, friendly setting. Register
with a friend and save $20 on your class registration.

PwcMoms: Do you offer any special
programs for schools or scouts?
Yes, we have delivered our Pee Wee Golf Class to PWC schools and have also designed a program to help Boy Scouts earn
the Golf Merit Badge. We also offer a High School Golf Prep course to help students prepare for the HS golf
season and explore collegiate opportunities.
PwcMoms: Where can people find you online?