Meet the County: Supervisor Pete Candland, Gainesville District

In this series of
posts, we’ll introduce you to local decision makers and
policy-changers.  The goal isn’t to be political, and doesn’t indicate
an endorsement, but is rather to help you learn the faces and positions
in Prince William County who you can go to for help, or with your
concerns.  You’ll notice the question is always the same, “Tell me what
you love about Prince William County”, and at the end of the post,
you’ll find a job description of the person listed.  I will not post
from people during campaign season (unless it’s someone who’s mid-term
and not currently running for re-election).  Hope this helps you know
our county better!!


1) Tell me what you love about Prince William County
Prince William County is a great place to raise a family and make a living.  We have great schools, a tremendous history, and wonderful people.  That’s why my family moved here, and that’s why Robyn and I are committed to serving this community.  In addition to the family-friendly environment of Prince William County, we’re working towards making our county more jobs-friendly, so that our citizens can live and work in the same area.

2) What parts of the county are included in your district?
The Gainesville District is the Western-most and Northern-most magisterial district in Prince William County.  It includes the entire area North of I-66, as well as Haymarket and specific precincts in Manassas near I66.  From the areas by Splashdown, to the hills of Bull Run Mountain, the Gainesville District is a beautiful area with wonderful, generous people.

3) What is it, exactly, that you do/how can you help citizens
First, I represent citizens of the Gainesville District and their interests on the Board of County Supervisors.  To do this, I engage in constant outreach to constituents via one-on-one meetings, town hall meetings, social media, and many phone calls.  Secondly, I have a top-notch staff that helps constituents every day with their interactions with county government.  Our office is usually on the front lines of helping constituents who need help with local government.

4) How can people get in touch with you?
Gainesville Supervisor Pete Candland
7001 Heritage Village Plaza, Suite 210
Gainesville, VA 20155