Meet The County: Supervisor Mike May, Occoquan District

In this series of posts, we’ll introduce you to local decision makers and policy-changers.  The goal isn’t to be political, and doesn’t indicate an endorsement, but is rather to help you learn the faces and positions in Prince William County who you can go to for help, or with your concerns.  You’ll notice the question is always the same, “Tell me what you love about Prince William County”, and at the end of the post, you’ll find a job description of the person listed.  I will not post from people during campaign season (unless it’s someone who’s mid-term and not currently running for re-election).  Hope this helps you know our county better!!

So tell us, Supervisor May, what do you love about Prince William County?
As a lifelong resident of northern Virginia , I believe this area is the wonderful place to live, work and play. I grew up in the Springfield area and while working for Congressman Tom Davis, I was first introduced to Prince William County . Right away I realized that this community, and Lake Ridge in particular, offered everything my wife and I desired in looking for a place to raise children.  So we decided to move here and start our family.
PWC is unique in northern Virginia in that even though it has over 400,000 residents, it still maintains a very friendly, small-town atmosphere.  To be sure, the county is urbanizing; however, as it grows, it has done a very good job of preserving its historical resources, parks and open spaces, and rural areas to the west.  As such, the county offers high end dining and retail amenities, while still giving residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors or cultural resources in their own backyard.  We are also far enough away from the “hustle and bustle” of DC and the urban core, yet close enough to be able to enjoy visiting these areas.
This dynamic gives Prince William residents the best of all worlds.  For example, my wife and I can go to a winery in Haymarket, a restaurant in Occoquan, or go hiking in Prince William Forest Park on a Saturday–all within Prince William County .  And the very next day, we can take the kids up to D.C. to visit the museums or the zoo.  In short, Prince William County  offers the best of city life, rural life, and suburban life.
In addition to the amenities, Prince William is also a safe community with great schools and friendly people.  It has so much to offer young families.  That’s why I am glad that my own family has chosen to make this community our home.
Do I Live in Supervisor May’s District?: The Occoquan District is home to not only the Town of Occoquan but also Lake Ridge; Westridge; and all the communities on the north side of the Prince William Parkway between its intersection with Old Bridge Road and Ellis Road , including the Davis Ford and Yates Ford corridors.
And What Does a Supervisor Do, Exactly?: Mike is the Occoquan District’s representative on the Prince William Board County Supervisors.  This is our local level of government.  The Board has oversight over all local matters, including our police and fire and rescue systems, our library system, and our local parks.  As a group, the Board sets countywide policies and approves the annual budget.  It also oversees implementation of the county’s comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance, which shape how our community grows and develops over time.  So, if you see a new office being built or construction in the area, Mike probably knows what is going on—or, if not, he can find out for you!  Mike and his staff also assist residents navigating county government with issues ranging from the permit process, real and personal property taxes, local park issues, and many more.
How Can I find Supervisor Mike May?
Occoquan District Supervisor, Michael C. May
Prince William Board of County Supervisors
2241-K Tacketts Mill Drive
Woodbridge , VA 22192
Phone: (703) 792- 5180 /Fax: (703) 792-4833
Cell: (703) 910-0594